Supernatural Merits

Supernatural Merits

The following merits are available to Essence wielders or any supernatural creature with an Essence rating of 2 or higher.

Ambidextrous, Advanced (•) – Innate

Prereqs: Ambidextrous (•)
This merit allows the character to flurry two attack actions provided she has one weapon in each hand. Both attacks suffer the usual -3 penalty that all flurries suffer for a single action.

Boundless Endurance, Advanced (••) – Purchased

Prereqs: Boundless Endurance (••)
Your character automatically succeeds on all checks to resist fatigue provided she is well rested. You can remain awake for (Stamina + Resistance) days before fatigue penalties start to accrue from lack of sleep.

Legend Lore (••••) – Story

Prereqs: Backing/Contacts/Influence (••••)
Your character is so well connected and her deeds so incredible, that everyone in Creation you go rumors of your escapades proceed you. When you meet someone for the first time, roll 4 dice. If you gain a success, the person you’re speaking with has heard of you in some capacity and is passingly familiar with your work. On three successes, the character has a Minor intimacy to you or some field of your expertise that directly involves you. On five successes, the character is a fanatic follower of you and your work.

Danger Sense, Advanced (••••) – Innate

Prereqs: Danger Sense (•••)
If your character successfully detects an ambush, add the difference between your awareness roll and the aggressor’s stealth roll to your initiative when you Join Battle.

Direction Sense, Advanced (•) – Innate

Prereqs: Direction Sense (•)
Choose one type of phenomenon that occurs in Creation. Examples include demesnes, wyld zones, and shadowlands. Your character can sense the closest occurrence of these phenomenon innately and gains one automatic success to determine the properties of your chosen specialty when you encounter them.

Eidetic Memory, Advanced (••) – Innate (Exalted Only)

Prereqs: Eidetic Memory (••)
When your character is confronted by some new information, roll your Essence. Success allows you to tap into memories of your past life regarding a specific subject you’re unfamiliar with. You can add the successes from this roll to a relevant knowledge-related roll to know more about the subject.

Fast Reflexes, Advanced (••••) – Purchased

Prereqs: Fast Reflexes (•••)
Once per scene, your character can take a physical action based entirely on manual dexterity as a reflexive action.

Fleet of Foot, Advanced (••••) – Purchased

Prereqs: Fleet of Foot (•••••)
Whenever your character makes a Rush action, you can move an additional Range Band as part of that action. Further, your character has a speed bonus of (Essence+2) when comparing your speed against mundane vessels and mounts. This replaces the bonus provided by the mundane version of this Merit.

Iron Stomach, Advanced (••) – Purchased

Prereqs: Iron Stomach (•) or Toxin Resistance (•••)
Your character is completely immune to any ingested toxins or poisons. You can eat the most poisonous flowers of the East or drink the vilest run off from the factories in the South without issue.

Polygot (••) – Purchased

Prereqs: Language (•)
Whether you’re well traveled or just have a knack for language, your character is able to communicate using any spoken language in the world. After a scene of interacting with a group using a language you aren’t familiar with, you can communicate with them at a -1 penalty. If you have access to written works from the unfamiliar language, this Merit also applies to written social actions as well.

Mighty Thew, Advanced (••) – Purchased

Prereqs: Mighty Thew (•••)
Your character’s Strength score is considered one “tier” higher for purposes of what feats of strength she may attempt.

Natural Immunity, Advanced (••) – Innate

Prereqs: Natural Immunity (••)
Your character is immune to any and all diseases. You can walk through camps of Great Contagion torn victims without so much as contracting a sniffle. This merit does not, however, make you immune to any environmental effects or damages.

Pain Tolerance, Advanced (••••) – Purchased

Prereqs: Pain Tolerance (••••)
Your character completely ignores all wound penalties from bashing damage. Further, once your bashing damage is filled your character can still continue to function. Add two to all wound penalties you suffer from if your health track is filled with bashing. Lastly, if your character has her last health box filled with lethal damage you are knocked unconscious instead of killed. Deliberate attacks on your unconscious person still slay you as normal.

Quick Draw, Advanced (••••) – Purchased

Prereqs: Quick Draw (••••)
You can reflexively ready any weapon that’s sheathed on your person and available for use. Further, your character can flurry a Ready Weapon action for any unworn weapon in Close Range at the standard no Defense, -1 multiple action penalty.

Strong Lungs, Advanced (•) – Purchased

Prereqs: Strong Lungs (•)
Your character can hold your breath for superhuman amounts of time. You can hold your breath for (Stamina + Athletics) hours before you begin to suffocate or drown. Under Duress, this becomes ([Stamina + Athletics) x 2) minutes.

Tempered by the Elements, Advanced (••) – Purchased

Prereqs: Tempered by the Elements (••)
Within the terrain that you’ve purchased the prerequisite merit for, your character ignores all environmental effects that deal less dice of damage than your permanent Essence.

Missing Something?

If you’re looking for a supernatural merit ability and you can’t find it in the book or above, jot down the rough idea of what you want it to do below this text and I’ll write it up.

Supernatural Merits

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