Shaping Combat

Shaping Combat Overview

  • Shaping combat works a lot like regular combat
  • Decisive damage is dealt to willpower, not to health levels
  • Attacks are dealt with your highest “finesse” attribute: Dexterity, Manipulation, or Intelligence
  • Damage for withering attacks is dealt with your highest “power” attribute: Strength, Presence, or Perception
  • Defense is met with your highest “finesse” attribute: Dexterity, Manipulation, or Intelligence
  • Finally all shaping combatants have a soak equal to their highest “resistance” attribute: Stamina, Appearance, or Wits

Types of Shaping Combat

Staff Combat
  • Skills: Linguistics, Occult, Ride, Socialize and Thrown.
  • Outcome Condition: Ensnared
    • The victor can successfully Instill (Core p.215) without needing to play off another intimacy or remake some aspect of the victim
Cup Combat
  • Skills: Investigation, Larceny, Medicine, Performance and Stealth
  • Outcome Condition: Ravished
    • The target cannot feel empathy to one situation, target cannot stand to observe one type of situation, target has one emotion that can no longer be denied, target acquires a phobia
Ring Combat
  • Skills: Bureaucracy, Craft, Integrity, Lore and Resistance
  • Outcome Condition: Incumbrance
    • The target must perform a task of the victor’s choosing provided it can be done, won’t permanently injure the victim, and irreplaceable resources aren’t spent on it
Sword Combat
  • Skills: Archery, Brawl/Martial Arts, Melee, Presence and War
  • Outcome Condition: Vexed
    • The victor can seize an object from the victim and claim ownership of it

Charms and Shaping Combat

  • Excellencies apply as normal
  • Ox Body grants your character a number of “phantom willpower” (willpower that’s damaged before your actual willpower) equal to the health levels you’ve gained from this Charm (including multiple purchases).

Shaping Combat and Artifacts

  • Weapons and Armor provide the same stat bonuses as “real” Artifacts, they just apply to shaping combat

Shaping Combat

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