Freya To Do


  • help Galvan be better at thaumaturgy/sorcery
  • see the raw wyld in person, not a rift that I’ve opened, but the actual edge of creation and step into the wyld for the first time
  • Underwater stronghold
    • name the damn thing
    • plan to also fortify the underwater stronghold with a few more demanses and then manses….maybe getting the group a few hearthstones?
  • rebuild Rathess and make some manses
    • get dem hearthstones
    • have a Rathess Rebirth festival (maybe it will become an annual thing) and get some renown for the city and maybe some new residences
    • tell Lookshy about the city and maybe get an alliance going, and a trading route
    • get the council or lawmaking group around for Rathess, someone has to run the place while we adventure
    • silken armor for Eirik
    • need to dissect Red Typhoon and see if maybe I can repeat the creation steps on perhaps an elemental instead of a demon
    • armor for silver pact
    • brackets for the Dominante chaos orb so it’s more stable
    • make more essence cannons for our ship
    • make essence cannons for the underwater fortress


  • figure out how the sarcophagus works and reverse engineer it to fix abyssal
    • start fixing all the abyssals (how’s that for a campaign goal LOL)
  • find out how house peleps got me since they lied about my family, find out who my real mother is
  • ruin house peleps
  • study the Autocathon scrolls, find a way to open the 9th seal


  • get the underwater city back up and running by working on the manses, created a few more manses to fortify?
    • maybe create a ship dock here so I can work on making more ships down the road?
    • prep the others that toying with this many manses will likely result in wyld attacks, explain we’ll have to be on alert while I work on the city, and possibly stay at the city a bit longer to make sure the pocket closes as it should
  • find out more about Zale, find out if there are other DBs that aren’t shitty

Freya To Do

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