East - Rathess

Rathess – City of Rebirth


Rathess was once a great temple city dedicated to the Unconquered Sun, but age and neglect saw to its ruin. Its proud populous consisted of many Dragon Kings who worshiped Sol, however, they too were ravaged by the Age of Sorrows. After the city was cleansed by a group of Solars and Lunars the city was reforged, crafted by the circle’s Twilight caste into a new wonder for the age. The city’s rebirth yielded one of the most impressive and elaborate manse systems since the fall of the Solars in the first age. Rathess, the City of Rebirth, became of beacon of hope in an age filled with despair and shadows.

Rathess City Rules


Pyramid of the Sun – temple/defense grid, Unconquered Sun manse
Temple of Stars – observatory, Sidereal manse
Great Hall of Knowledge – library, Autocathon manse
Arena of the Silver Lady – training/game arena, Lunar manse
The Gilded Estate – the rebuilder’s estate, provider manse
The Ebony Cathedral – Abyssal manse

Places of Note

Rathess Bazaar
Forest of the Changing Season- crafting demanse
City Skirt – outer city of Rathess
High Pointe
Garden of Stars
Dragon District – exclusive home to the dragon kings

Events of Note

Festival of Rebirth
The Silver Night

East - Rathess

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