East - Lookshy

Lookshy – The Seventh Legion


Home of the largest collection of Dragon-Blooded outside the Realm, Lookshy is home to the Seventh Legion – a mlitary organization that traces its lineage back to the First Age. Built upon the ruins of a great First Age city, the people of Lookshy are most prominent military force in the West.


Lookshy still maintains most of the military ruling structure of the first age and is largely governed by ranking officers in active service. The city is home to the Gentes, which are the major lines of Dragon-Blooded in the city. The Gentes have officials they appoint to public office positions to handle the non-military operations of the city. The five major Gentes are Karal (Fire), Amilar (Air), Maheka (Earth), Teresu (Water), and Yushoto (Wood).

East - Lookshy

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