Artifact Evocations


Evocations are a special kind of magic associated primarily with artifact weapons and armor. They sleep within an artifact, an inchoate potential of Essence, roused as the artifact’s wielder establishes a rapport and connection with the wonder. Evocations exist because the forging of battle-artifacts is as much a spiritual communion as a physical act of beating metal into shape or carving Essence channels into a blade. While artifacts aren’t truly “alive” in the sense of beasts, people, or spirits, there’s still a character and motive to their Essence and a spirituality that kindles within them. This spark can be fanned to greater prominence—and power—through extended use by and rapport with an Exalted wielder. Ultimately, an Exalt must come to understand her artifacts and to build a bond with them before they will yield up their power.

The Evocations an artifact manifests are dependent on a number of factors—the magical materials used in its forging are the most fundamental determinant of an artifact’s nature, but the circumstances and techniques that forged it, the personality and combat style of the one who wields it, and the deeds it’s used to perform also play a role. A daiklave used to hunt and slay ghosts for decades after its forging will likely develop into a different sort of blade than one used primarily for honor duels, and a murderer’s weapon is apt to be different from either.

Rules of Evocations Evocations vary tremendously from artifact to artifact, but all have a few elements in common.

  • Only a character who is attuned to a particular weapon or armor can awaken its Evocations.
  • Artifacts are generally designed to harmonize with a certain sort of Essence. Few if any artifacts will yield up the fullness of their Evocations equally to all wielders. In particular, the Evocations found in this book are designed for the use of the Solar Exalted unless otherwise specified, and will yield up only fragments of their power (if any) to non-Solar wielders.
  • Evocations vary in number and power from artifact to artifact. The more powerful an artifact (as indicated by its dot rating), the more powerful and numerous its Evocations tend to be, though there are no hard and fast guidelines. Artifact ••• is the lowest rating at which an artifact is capable of producing Evocations.
  • Unless otherwise specified, characters can only use Evocations while wielding or wearing the associated weapon or suit of armor. Permanent Evocations only operate while the character is wielding or wearing the associated item. Supplemental Evocations will only supplement attacks made with the artifact. Simple or Reflexive Evocations which create attacks create attacks using the weapon itself. Reflexive defensive Evocations will only assist in defenses made with the artifact.

Artifact Evocations

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