West - Dominante

Dominante – The City of Canals


Another remnant of the First Age, Dominante was city built on top of the ocean. Once a self contained ecosystem, after the Usurpation it fell into disrepair without the Artificers of old to maintain it. As a result, the ocean reclaimed much of the city but couldn’t fully pull it under. Powerful and enduring Artifacts designed to circulate an advanced air travel system in the city now churn water instead.


Dominante is ruled by a Monarchy, the leader of which is King Granger Najjar. He has two siblings, his elder brother Prince Irvin Najjar and his younger brother Prince Ryjin Najjar. The Najjar line is demon-blooded which has persisted for generations. Every generation, the city spirit Kali chooses a successor who reigns. After the successor for the Generation is named, the rest are free and obligated to produce heirs for the spirit to choose the leader of the next generation from. The current three brothers are the first time in historical record where every single member of the royal line is without children. The state of King also comes with the most powerful gift the spirit could muster: an Exigent Exaltation. The King is not only expected to lead his city in matters of politics, but also stands on the front line to defend his city against the supernatural threats of Creation.

The government itself is made up of powerful sorcerers who fill in the remaining roles. The King appoints a council of experts with both enlightened essence and a mastery in their field to serve as his advisers. The divisions exist as follows; The City Engineers, who are enlightened sorcerer-engineers responsible for maintaining the first age artifacts that keep the city running, the Home Guard, lead by the powerful Demon Swords that also double as the King’s elite guard, and the City Vox Populi which act as a voice for the citizens of Dominante.

West - Dominante

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