Silent Words of Dreams and Nightmares

Cost: Ritual, 1wp | Keywords: None | Duration: One dream

Staring into a polished mirror, still pond, or other reflective surface, the sorcerer brandishes a scrap of clothing, lock of hair, or similar symbolic link to another character, using it to gain power over that person’s dreams. The next time the target sleeps, he experience an especially vivid and memorable dream created by the sorcerer. She rolls (Intelligence + Presence) to instill, persuade, or inspire the dreaming character, as best fits the imagery and emotional tenor of the dream she creates. He cannot apply any Intimacies to enhance Resolve against this influence, nor can he pay Willpower to resist unless the influence threatens one of his Intimacies. The symbolic link to the dreamer is burnt to a fine white ash upon his waking, requiring the sorcerer to procure another before she can cast this spell on him again.

A sorcerer who knows Silent Words of Dreams and Nightmares as her control spell may cast it without needing a link to her target, so long as she has interacted with him in person previously. Once she has done so, she must meet with him once more before she can cast this spell without a link again.

Distortion (Special): Distorting the Silent Words of Dreams and Nightmares requires the opposing sorcerer to find either the character who cast it or the spell’s victim before he sleeps. Instead of having a set goal number, every two successes the distorting sorcerer accumulates before the terminus of the action elapses adds +1 to the victim’s Resolve against the dream’s influence, up to a maximum bonus of +4.


Champions of the Sun GMJJ