Freya Anima

Anima Level Effects

The Solar’s anima is invisible to all senses, masking her Exalted nature.  This is the default level at which a Solar’s anima resides when not spending Essence.  It takes about an hour for the anima to vanish from its full brilliance—fifteen minutes to recede from bonfire to burning, the same length to go from burning to glowing, and then about half an hour until the glowing anima dims and vanishes.

  • Glowing
    • The character’s anima glows and pulses, outlining him with the colors of the sun.  His Caste mark appears on his brow, shining through anything placed over it. Any attempts at stealth or disguise suffer a -3 penalty.
  • Burning  
    • The character’s anima blazes brightly, subsuming his Caste mark into its radiance, though the mark may reappear when he uses powerful Charms. Wisps    of bright power coil off his body and rise into the air.  Anything subjected to his anima may become warm to the touch afterwards, or take on the faint scent of a summer afternoon. Stealth becomes impossible.
  • Bonfire/Iconic
    • The Solar’s anima ignites in a grand display of iconic splendor, depicting personal iconography chosen by the player—one Solar warrior’s anima may depict a tiger whose roar shakes the heavens, while a savant may be surrounded by a storm of whirling parchment covered in the lore of bygone ages.  This phantasmal display then collapses into a raging bonfire of spiritual power stretching high into the air, visible for miles. This level of display illuminates the area around the Solar out to short range, banishing shadows. His Caste Mark behaves as in the previous progression, and the iconic display may also reappear at dramatic moments.

Caste Anima Effects

By feeding a mote of Essence into their anima, all Solars can evoke the following effects:

  • The Solar may feel the brilliant presence of the sun relative to herself and know the exact time of day thereby. This works even if she’s underground or in the Wyld  beyond Creation.
  • The Solar may cause her Caste Mark to appear and display itself for as long as she desires.

In addition to these universal effects, Twilight Caste enjoy a number of innate benefits:

  • 5 motes, the Twilight projects an aura of pure force, reflexively gaining five Hardness for one turn. At the bonfire/iconic level, this power activates itself automatically at no cost. This effect doesn’t stack with other magic that raises Hardness, but it can be used during Initiative Crash.
  • 10 motes, one Willpower, the Twilight’s anima flares blue and white and consumes her body over the course of the round. On her next turn, she vanishes into her anima and ceases to exist. If the Exalt moves or suffers knockdown before the action is completed, it fails and the effect is wasted. After using this power, the Twilight will not reappear until the following sunset. When she does, it will be at a place of power within 10 miles of her vanishing point, chosen by the Storyteller. She might appear at a temple, a demesne, a major crossroads, the door of a god’s sanctum, the precise center of a city, etc.
  • 10 motes, the Twilight may touch an Essence 1-3 elemental or a demon of the first circle, conjoining its Essence to her anima. Roll Intelligence + Occult against the creature’s Resolve. If successful, this creates a pact that changes the spirit into her familiar, allowing her to target it with applicable Survival Charms. In addition, the Twilight can reflexively summon the spirit instantly for three motes, drawing it through the Essence of the world to appear beside her. She may banish the creature again, reflexively, for free, returning it to the tides of Essence that suffuse Creation until needed. The Twilight may have up to (Essence) spirit familiars bound in this fashion at once.

Freya’s Anima

Freya’s anima appears as a swirling mass of living Wyld chaos. The closer she becomes to full iconic the more and more her anima appears as the heart of the Wyld.

Freya Anima

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