Custom Lunar Charms

Canon Charms


Deadly Beastman Transformation

(5m, 1w; Simple; Indefinite; Ess 2)
Adds (Ess x 2) to damage of withering attacks, combat movement pools, and soak. Adds +(Ess) to Strength for Feats of Strength (both pool and limit), half wound pen for movement and attack rolls, heal 1 bashing or lethal when initiative reset after making a decisive attack with 11+ initiative or recovers from being crashed.


Spine-Breaking Technique

(3m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Ess 2)
The Lunar may make a decisive savaging attack against a grappled enemy without resetting to base Initiative once per fight.


Predator Grace Method

(3m; Supplemental; Instant; Ess 1)
The Lunar doubles 9s on a rush, and doubles 8s as well if his enemy has a wound penalty of -2 or more. He may move across surfaces that could not normally bear his weight for the duration of the rush.


Terrifying Beastial Visage

(4m; Reflexive; Instant; Ess 1)
The first time the Lunar transforms into a predatory animal shape or his beastman form in a fight, he may use Terrifying Bestial Visage to roll seven dice. Successes are applied as an intimidation roll against the Resolve of enemies who witness the transformation, frightening weak-willed foes into fleeing, and as a command roll to either command or rally a battle group the Lunar commands.


False Burrow Pursuit

(1m, 1wp; Supplemental; Instant; Ess 1)
When the Lunar persuades a character to take an action with an outright lie or cleverly-worded deception, that character takes a -1 penalty to Resolve. If the Lunar’s lie is awarded a stunt, then the stunt’s rating is subtracted from Resolve as well.

Moonlight Curtain Drawn

(2m; Reflexive; Instant; Mute; Ess 1)
Add +1 Guile against a read intentions roll, or +3 if the roll would reveal something contradictory to the Lunar’s
current shape or identity.

Tale-Spinning Mastery

(7m; Supplemental; Instant; Mute; Ess 1)
The Lunar weaves an especially convincing lie, duping even the most skeptical listeners. Double 9s on an instill roll to
convince people to believe in a lie, and add a point of Willpower to the cost of resisting. Once per scene.


New Friend Aroma

(6m; Simple; One scene; Mute; Ess 1)
Any character whose Resolve is less than or equal to the Lunar’s Appearance becomes enthralled by his pleasant, pheromone-laden scent, and will seek to approach him to either befriend or seduce him. Characters who already know the Lunar (or the current identity he is assuming) instead take -1 Resolve and Guile against him. Characters may resist for one Willpower.


Impenetrable Beast Armor

(5m; Reflexive; Instant; Perilous; Ess 2)
Impenetrable Beast-Armor halves the post-soak damage of a withering attack against the Lunar, or subtracts three dice from the raw damage of a decisive attack.

Charm Definitions

New Keyword: Gift

If Gift Charms are activated when the Lunar changes shape, the Charm’s duration is changed to as long as the Lunar holds that form. Motes spent on Gift Charms, like motes spent to shapechange, do not remain committed.

Custom Charms


Mans Stolen Form

Cost: -; Prereqs: Essence 1

While every Lunar can take the form of a slain non-magical creature, most Lunars learn how to take the form of humans as well. This Charm allows the Lunar to learn the form of any Human. The form can be acquired by killing the human or by striking a bargain with the human, in which case the Lunar can learn the form for a year and a day with a drop of blood.

Compassionate Mirror Nature

Cost: -; Prereqs: Essence 2; Mans Stolen Form

This Charm allows the Lunar to acquire any form temporarily with nothing more than tasting one of the victim’s bodily fluids. Most Lunars prefer blood, though those skilled as gifted courtesans use saliva or other more intimate offerings. The form lasts for one month.

Quicksilver Beast Flesh

Cost: 4m; Prereqs: Essence 2

While many Lunars are content to walk Creation in their stolen forms, this Knack allows the Lunar to borrow the abilities of the creatures in his Heartsblood Library without assuming their form. Each activation allows the Lunar to don one mundane physical trait of a creature from his Hearts Blood Library by taking an action to shift his body appropriately. Once activated the feature persists forever. Like shapeshifting, these features are subtle if the Lunar desires and require a flat 7 difficulty roll to notice. Even then, noticing the feature doesn’t reveal the Lunar’s true nature; merely that he is more than what he appears to be. The Lunar can only maintain up to his Essence in simultaneous activations of this Charm at once.

Humble Mouse Shape

Cost: -; Prereqs: Essence 1

With this Knack, Lunars gain the ability to target creatures as small as field mice for shapechanging. Normally, Lunars may not target anything smaller than a house cat for the sacred hunt.

Towering Beast Form

Cost: -; Prereqs: Essence 1

With this Knack, Lunars can target creature as large as Yeddim for the sacred hunt. Normally, Lunars cannot assume the form of anything larger than an adult moose.

Changing Plumage Mastery

Cost: -; Prereqs: Essence 2

This Knack allows the Lunar to change the superficial features of any form he assumes, including hair or eye color. This knack is limited to cosmetic disguises that could be accomplished with a simple disguise kit and does not render the form unrecognizable. This Knack can also erase distinguishing marks, such as scars, and carries a 1m surcharge when used to hide the Lunar’s Tell (making it undetectable while the Lunar is in a false form). Further, this Charm allows the Lunar to shapeshift with a set of clothing with a Resources value equal to his (Essence).

Lightning Change Style

Cost: 3m, 2i; Prereqs: Essence 2

This Knack allows the Lunar to reflexively shapechange.


Armor Crushing Strike

Cost: 2m; Prereqs: Strength 3, Essence 2
Type: Supplemental; Duration: Instant; Keywords: Dual

This Charm enhances a close range melee attack. The Lunar may ignore (Strength) soak against a Withering attack or reduce the target’s Hardness by (Strength) against a Decisive attack. This Charm is compatible with the Strength Excellency.

City Lifting Press

Cost: 4m; Prereqs: Strength 4, Essence 2
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant; Keywords: -

This Charm enhances a Feat of Strength attempt by the Lunar, granting him double 7s on the roll. When used in conjunction with the Strength Excellency, the Lunar’s augmented Strength counts as his natural strength for determining what Feats of Strength he’s capable of.

Vicious Burrowing Strike

Cost: 4m; Prereqs: Strength 3, Essence 1;
Type: Supplemental; Duration: Instant; Keywords: Dual

This Charm augments a close range attack, allowing the Lunar to add (Strength) post-soak damage.

Relentless Lunar Assault

Cost: 3m; Prereqs: Strength 3, Essence 1;
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant; Keywords: Perilous

After a Lunar makes a successful Decisive close-range attack against an opponent that deals at least one health level of damage, the Lunar may make a reflexive Withering attack against the same opponent.

Silver Whirlwind Maelstrom

Cost: 3m; Prereqs: Strength 4, Essence 1;
Type: Simple; Duration: Instant; Keywords: -

The Lunar may make (Essence) close range Decisive attacks, splitting his Initiative evenly among them. Each target must have at least 1i of damage. If the Lunar is using the Defend Other action, this Charm always considers someone in Close Range with the target of his Defend Other as a valid target regardless of the distance between them.


Unassailable Beast Engagement

Cost: 2m; Prereqs: Dexterity 3, Essence 1
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant; Keywords: -

This Charm allows the Lunar to ignore up to (Dexterity) penalties to his Parry or Evasion. If you successfully avoid at least one attack, gain 1i at the end of the round.

Primordial Wrath Deflecting Palm

Cost: 5m; Prereqs: Dexterity 5, Essence 2; Unassailable Beast Engagement
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant; Keywords: -

Against a decisive attack, spend 5m + Xi where X is the amount of damage that the target reduces the damage by. The Lunar may only reduce damage by up to (Strength) Initiative. A successful stunt allows the Lunar to add a second Attribute to the initiative cap of this Charm.

Against unblockable attacks, this Charm makes the attack blockable. If the unblockable attack is declared against the ward of the Lunar’s Defend Other, the Lunar gains +1 Parry.

Against uncountable recurring damage, the Lunar spends 5m to defend himself and anyone within Close Range he chooses.

Guardian Silver Shield

Cost: 2m; Prereqs: Dexterity 4, Essence 1
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant; Keywords: -

On any turn in which the Lunar flurries a Defend Other action and an attack action, the Lunar ignores the DV and attack roll penalty from the flurry provided the attack is against someone that threatens the target of his Defend Other action (typically either a melee-armed opponent in Close Range or a ranged-armed opponent anywhere on the battlefield).

Wind Claw Sheer

Cost: 6m; Prereqs: Dexterity 4, Essence 2
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant; Keywords: Mute

The Lunar may attack a target up to two range bands beyond what he normally could. For melee attacks, this allows the Lunar to hit an opponent at Medium Range. For ranged attacks, the Lunar can target out to long range without needing to aim.

Wasp Sting Blur

Cost: 4m, 1wp; Prereqs: Dexterity 4, Essence 2; Wind Claw Sheer
Type: Simple; Duration: Instant; Keywords: -

Make up to (Dexterity) Decisive attacks. You must divide your Initiative as evenly as possible between them, and each
attack must contain at least 3i. With the exception of Excellencies, Charms that augment attacks need only be paid once.


Ox-Body Technique

Cost: -; Prereqs: Stamina 1, Essence 1
Type: Permanent; Duration: Permanent; Keywords: Stackable

The most durable of the Exalts, Lunars were made to absorb an enormous amount of punishment. Purchase of this Charm awards health levels dependent on the natural Stamina of the Lunar.

Stamina 1-3: one -1 health level and two -2 health levels
Stamina 4+: two -1 health levels and four -2 health levels

Adaptive Directional Evolution

Cost: 5m; Prereqs: Stamina 3, Essence 1
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Indefinite; Keywords: -
The Lunar ignores all environmental damage and penalties from naturally occurring phenomenon in one type of terrain. This Charm also allows the Lunar to exist natively in a single type of terrain, such as underwater.

Swift Wind Overland Speed

Cost: 5m, 1wp; Prereqs: Stamina 4, Essence 2; Adaptive Directional Evolution
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Indefinite; Keywords: -
This Charm also allows the Lunar to continue movement for as long as these motes remain committed without fatigue. Accrued fatigue penalties do affect the Lunar as normal the scene after the Lunar releases the commitment cost of this Charm. In combat, the Lunar ignores all penalties from fatigue while this Charm is active.

Moonsilver Reinforced Hide

Cost: 1m+ Prereqs: Stamina 3, Essence 1
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant; Keywords: -
Add 1 soak per mote spent, the Lunar can spend up to (Stamina) motes on this Charm. If the Lunar chooses to enhance his Stamina with an Excellency, his augmented Stamina becomes the mote cap for this Charm.

Invincible Moonsilver Carapace

Cost: 5m; Prereqs: Stamina 4, Essence 2; Moonsilver Reinforced Hide
Type: Simple; Duration: Scene; Keywords: -
The Lunar takes no damage from environmental effects that deal less damage per interval than his Essence. Roll (Stamina + Essence) and gain the successes in Soak. The Lunar also gains Hardness equal to Stamina which can be enhanced with an Excellency.


Any Animals Tongue

Cost: 1m; Prereqs: Charisma 2, Essence 1
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Scene; Keywords: Gift
This Charm allows the Lunar to make social rolls against one type of non-sentient animal.
Gift: When activated when the Lunar assumes a shape, the Lunar can target animals of the same species with social actions.


False Wolfs Trust

Cost: 3m; Prereqs: Perception 4, Essence 1
Type: Supplemental; Duration: Instant; Keywords: Mute

This Charm lowers the difficulty of a Read Intentions action by 1. Additionally, if the Lunar is in a false shape and takes the Read Intentions action to determine how the target feels about the Lunar’s current disguise, he lowers the difficulty by the Intimacy’s Rating regardless of whether that Intimacy is positive or negative. Successfully using a Read Intentions action tells the Lunar exactly what the Intimacy is and the context in which it applies to his stolen form.

Keenly Honed Senses

Cost: 5m; Prereqs: Perception 2, Essence 1
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Scene; Keywords: None

This Charm grants the Lunar double 9s on all Perception rolls for the scene.

Unshakeable Bloodhound Lure

Cost: 4m; Prereqs: Perception 4, Essence 2;
Type: Supplemental; Duration: Scene; Keywords: -
This Charm enhances a tracking roll. The Lunar gains double 7s on the roll and can contest perfect track-covering effects. If the Lunar has injured or tasted the blood of the target, he gains +1S per 1 produced by the target’s roll.


Wolf in Sheep’s Skin

Cost: 4m; Mins: Wits 3, Essence 1
Type: Simple; Duration: Scene; Keywords: None

With this Charm, the Lunar is able to perfectly blend into his surroundings. While he’s not invisible, everyone that sees the Lunar will glance right over him as just “background noise” and dismiss his presence provided the form the Lunar is currently in is not out of place for his surroundings. For instance, this Charm would not help a Lunar walking around a palace with patrolling guards in human form wearing festival garb, but they might easily overlook a cat scurrying about in a city with a high population of strays. Similarly, the Lunar can disguise himself as one of the authorized populace to gain the benefits of this Charm. As long as the Lunar achieves a single success on a valid disguise check, this Charm will function.

Overt actions and actions out of character for the form the Lunar is in allow the Lunar to be noticed. Magic perception forces a contested roll against the Lunar, typically the Lunar’s (Wits or Dexterity) 3 Stealth against the relevant roll. Despite this, the Lunar can still attempt stealth in plain sight.

Custom Lunar Charms

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