Crimson XP


Game #1

+ 10 BP
- 5 BP on charms (used some of the 50 starting BP on this too, what’s why it’s not an even 6)
- 2 BP on charm Lock Opening Touch
- 2 BP on charm Allied shroud
- 1 BP for third dot in presence

Game #2

+ 10 BP
- 4 BP for manipulation from ●●● to ●●●●
- 2 BP for Draw the curtain charm for Poppy
- 2 BP for charm Reed in the Wind
- 2 BP for charm Reflex Sidestep Technique

Game #3

+ 10 BP
- 2 BP for charm Heart-Eclipsing Shroud (Dragon Blood persona)
- 2 BP for charm Intent-Tracing Stare
- 2 BP for charm Deep-Eyed Soul Gazing
- 2 BP for charm Seen and Seeing Method
- 2 BP for charm Knowing the Soul’s Price


Draw the curtain charm for DB persona

Enduring Mental Toughness

Cost: 1m | Mins: Integrity 1, Essence 1 | Type: Reflexive | Keywords: Bridge | Duration: Instant | Prerequisite Charms: None or any 5 Presence, Resistance, or Socialize Charms

Even in extreme pain, the Exalt does not succumb to despair. The Solar may ignore wound, illness, and crippling penalties to her Resolve or Guile for one tick.

  • At Integrity 3+, this Charm can be repurchased, giving it an alternate cost and duration. For five motes, one Willpower the duration extends to one scene.
  • At Integrity 5+, Essence 3+, this Charm may be repurchased a second time, allowing the Exalt to pay eight motes, one Willpower to extend the effect to one day.

Soul-Firing Performance

Cost: 1m, 1wp; Mins: Performance 5, Essence 1 | Type: Simple | Keywords: None | Duration: Instant | Prerequisite Charms: Masterful Performance Exercise

With revelatory ardor and revolutionary sound, the Solar’s performance sends a shock through her audience. This Charm’s timing differs through various mediums: oratory requires a speech of at least six minutes in length, whereas a piece of music need only be three minutes long and dance need only be two. Roll (Charisma + Performance) with (Essence) automatic successes against the group’s Resolve. If successful, the group is struck with an emotion conveyed by the performance, and each affected target reconsiders a decision he made in his past, connected to that emotion. The Storyteller chooses what each character is forced to reconsider, putting each affected character into a Decision Point based on past influence. This Charm may only be used once per story.

Crimson XP

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