Crimson Gear

Weapons & Armor

  • nice black wood bow
  • a few very sharp hair pins
  • bodice dagger
  • regular dagger

Travel Gear

  • backpack
  • purse/satchel for carrying things at the market
  • inside clothing belt with coin pouch

Clothing & Accessories

  • one extremely nice kimono in green and white with golden details and stitching
  • several sets of nice kimonos
  • several sets of traveling clothes
  • one warm winter cloak
  • one light spring/fall cloak
  • one pair of boy breeches she snuck from the laundry
  • several pairs of martial arts training gees
  • a few pairs of wooden shoes
  • a few pairs of travel shoes
  • many hair pins and sticks
  • several sun parasols
  • one rice hat
  • one pair of nice leather gloves
  • geisha makeup


  • a small tin container with sweet cherry hard candy
  • fresh cherry blossoms are often in her hair


  • carved wooden chest that holds her clothes
  • mirror
  • several bottles of perfume


none … sob

Crimson Gear

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