Crimson Charms

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Wise Arrow

Cost: 1m; Mins: Archery 2, Essence 1 | Type: Supplemental | Keywords: Uniform | Duration: Instant | Prerequisite Charms: None

The Exalt may use this Charm to supplement a withering or decisive attack, reducing the benefits of cover. The defense bonus of heavy and light cover is reduced by one, while characters under no cover suffer a -1 penalty to their normal Defense. In addition, after taking an aim action, the Solar may activate this Charm to strike an opponent in full cover. The Exalt shoots along an arc or angle that perfectly matches her opponent’s position. So long as there is some opening where an arrow can get through, Wise Arrow treats a character in full cover as if he merely has +3 Defense.

Trance of Unhesitating Speed

Cost: 4m, 1wp; Mins: Archery 3, Essence 1 | Type: Simple | Keywords: Decisive-only | Duration: Instant | Prerequisite Charms: Wise Arrow

The Solar strums her bow and fills the air with sharp notes. This Charm allows the Exalt to attack multiple targets, or a single target multiple times, by spreading her total current Initiative between decisive attacks. Each attack must contain at least three Initiative, and extra Initiative must be spread as evenly as possible between shots. For example, an Exalt with 11 Initiative attacking three targets could make two decisive attacks with four raw damage, and a third with only three. In addition, each 10 she rolls on an attack increases the base damage of that attack by one. The Exalt’s Initiative does not reset until she has completed every attack, and she may not make more attacks than she has ammunition or Dexterity. This attack can be made without an aim action.

Phantom Arrow Technique

Cost: 1m; Mins: Archery 3, Essence 1 | Type: Reflexive | Keywords: None | Duration: Instant | Prerequisite Charms: None

With this Charm, the Solar may continue firing her bow even when she has run out of arrows. In addition, once per scene, the Exalt may suffuse a phantom or physical arrow with the import of one of her Intimacies. Doing so gives her attack a number of non- Charm bonus dice equal to the Intimacy’s strength, but also temporarily numbs her to that Intimacy. She may not use this attack again until she has spent significant effort in restoring or remembering the Intimacy, or in the case of a negative Intimacy, has been reminded of her motivation for her ire.

Adamant Arrow Technique: At Essence 3+, the Solar may infuse a single phantom or physical arrow per scene with her enduring Essence. So long as she lives, the arrow cannot be destroyed or pulled from the target. Such arrows can be moved by cutting away the base into which they have landed—a tree can still be cut down, a wall still reduced to rubble—but the arrow will remain inviolate. Only the Solar who fired this arrow, or one blessed with her permission, may remove it from its resting place.


Sensory Acuity Prana

Cost: 5m | Mins: Awareness 2, Essence 1 | Type: Reflexive | Keywords: None | Duration: One scene | Prerequisite Charms: None

A breath of Essence seals the five senses into a more perfect form. The Solar’s senses are heightened and attuned to minute motions and sounds, dim and noisy conditions. She can differentiate between subtle tastes and textures with only the slightest variation. Thus sharpened, it is more difficult for characters to escape her notice, or to deceive her hunting senses. For the rest of the scene, the Exalt’s Awareness rolls benefit from double 9s. If the effect of any Unsurpassed (Sense) Discipline applies, reroll 6s until they cease to appear. Use of Sensory Acuity Prana comes without the danger of sensory overload; the Charm helps the Solar manage her senses more effectively.



Reed in the Wind

Cost: 2i per 1 Evasion; Mins: Dodge 3, Essence 1 | Type: Reflexive | Keywords: Perilous | Duration: Instant | Prerequisite Charms: None

The Exalt draws upon her own momentum to bend and flow with opposing forces. For every two Initiative spent in response to an attack, the player may raise the Exalt’s Evasion by one. Reed in the Wind raises the cap on how much the Solar can enhance her Evasion by her Essence. At Dodge 5+, Essence 3+, a successful dodge with Reed in the Wind restores one mote. This bonus may only occur once per round.

Reflex Sidestep Technique

Cost: 5m; Mins: Dodge 3, Essence 1 | Type: Reflexive | Keywords: Uniform | Duration: Instant | Prerequisite Charms: Reed in the Wind

The Solar’s preternatural awareness of her surroundings makes her nearly impossible to harm. Even when struck unaware, she may part herself from her foe’s attack, undoing the damage that was done to her. This Charm may be activated in response to an ambush attack, a trap, or other damaging effect the Solar is completely unaware of, setting her Evasion to two against the attack and adding an additional point of Evasion for every 1 or 2 in the attack (before Charms such as Excellent Strike). If the Solar’s Evasion recovers to its full value, she may apply additional Dodge Charms if necessary.


Archery, Awareness, Bureaucracy, Integrity, Larceny, Occult, Performance, Presence, Socialize, Stealth

Duration: Instant

  • Can be used to enhance any rolled action, or any application of a static value.
    • To enhance a rolled action, Type: Supplemental
      • spend one mote of Essence per die added to the roll
      • may spend up to (Attribute + Ability) motes
    • To enhance a static value, Type: Reflexive
      • for every two motes of Essence spent, raise the static value by one
      • may spend up to (Attribute + [Ability that contributes to the static value]) motes



Lock-Opening Touch

Cost: 1m or 5m; Mins: Larceny 2, Essence 1 | Type: Reflexive | Keywords: None | Duration: Instant | Prerequisite Charms: None

The Exalt may open a mundane lock simply by touching it and paying five motes. Alternately, she may challenge a sorcerous lock with her picking tools, paying one mote to gain double 9s and (Essence) automatic successes. This version of the Charm guarantees that she successfully picks the lock even if her roll fails, however, a failure constitutes some unwanted occurrence—perhaps she springs a trap, breaks the lock loudly, snaps her lock-pick, etc.

Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise

Cost: 6m; Mins: Larceny 4, Essence 1 | Type: Simple | Keywords: None | Duration: Until the Exalt sleeps | Prerequisite Charms: None

This Charm recreates a disguise attempt (see p. 224), but allows the Exalt to make a myriad of extraordinary changes to her appearance. She
may change her gender, double her age or halve it, alter her height by ten inches in either direction, change her ethnicity, adjust her voice and alter her accent. She can even change her scent. The Solar gains two automatic successes to her disguise attempt, ignores penalties for adapting a different race or gender, and gains double 9s. This disguise cannot be pierced by mundane senses. Nor can it be thwarted by inhuman sensory acuity, such as the nose of a hound or the eye of a hawk. Senses heightened to supernatural levels by Charms such as Keen Sight Discipline have a chance to pierce this deception, but subtract 2 successes from their attempts. Magic which pierces this effect does not reveal the Solar’s identity, only that the Exalt is not what she appears to be. Typically Solars used this Charm to hide their identities or to appeal to specific criteria such as “Only women are allowed into the sept.” However, should it be used to impersonate a specific character, magic which pierces this effect will only reveal the apparent body double of the Charm’s subject. For example, if the Solar disguises herself as the Scarlet Empress, magic which pierces her disguise will see her as a tall, porcelain-skinned red-haired woman with cunningly accurate makeup, as opposed to what the Solar actually looks like.

Perfect Mirror

Cost: —(5m, 1wp); Mins: Larceny 5, Essence 2 | Type: Permanent | Keywords: Mute | Duration: Permanent | Prerequisite Charms: Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise

The Exalt shows only what she wishes to be seen. Discarding all other facets, she becomes a continuous unity of form.

This Charm upgrades its prerequisite, replacing the cost and allowing the Exalt to disguise herself as a specific person without suffering a penalty for impersonating a specific character, or for changing her body type significantly. In addition to the bonuses associated with Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise, it also adds (Essence) non-Charm successes to the roll to establish the disguise. The impersonation is perfect. It cannot be pierced by mundane or inhuman sensory acuity. Characters are not entitled to attempt to see through the disguise unless the Solar behaves in a grossly inaccurate way. Even so, a witness using Charms or other magic to penetrate the disguise suffer a -4 dice penalty to do so. In addition, should he fail at this attempt, his next attempt suffers an additional -1. This penalty cannot exceed -5. In addition to these effects, the Exalt may adapt Essence based visual dynamics not covered by simple makeup or disguise. Her hair might stand on end and crackle with lightning; she might hover inches off the ground or display the anima of a different kind of Exalt. None of these displays are real. That is, displaying a Fire Aspect’s anima will not actually burn anything, though witnesses will feel
the intensity of its heat. She may appear to float, but her feet are still touching the ground.



Masterful Performance Exercise

Cost: 2m; Mins: Performance 3, Essence 1 | Type: Supplemental | Keywords: Mute | Duration: Instant | Prerequisite Charms: None

The Solar’s talent is not free or instinctual, but rather the hard-won excellence that comes from a lifetime of practice. This Charm supplements a Performance-based action, granting one automatic success and rerolling 1s until 1s fail to appear. This Charm also makes the Exalt’s 1s unavailable to magic that might interfere with her performance.

Stillness-Drawing Meditation

Cost: —; Mins: Perf 4, Essence 2 | Type: Permanent | Keywords: None | Duration: Permanent | Prerequisite Charms: Masterful Performance Exercise

The Solar draws power from the spirit of her audience. Whenever she successfully influences a large group with a Performance-based action, she regains (Essence) motes.

Respect-Commanding Attitude

Cost: 5m; Mins: Perf 2, Essence 1 | Type: Supplemental | Keywords: None | Duration: One Performance action | Prerequisite Charms: None

When this Charm supplements a Performance action of any length, characters are inclined to stop and listen. This does not guarantee that the Lawgiver is persuasive in her arguments, but it does guarantee that her audience listens respectfully to her entire performance. Characters may pay one Willpower to leave the performance, but if they wish to interrupt or attack the Lawgiver, they must pay two Willpower, and may only approach her by blending into her demonstration, capping the actions of each affected character by their individual (Charisma + Performance) ratings until one of them is able to successfully stop her act. This Charm does not function after combat has started, but if activated beforehand, it remains active after Join Battle has been rolled, up until the Solar is forced to stop her performance.

Thousand Courtesan Ways

Cost: 5m; Mins: Performance 3, Essence 1 | Type: Reflexive | Keywords: None | Duration: Indefinite | Prerequisite Charms: Masterful Performance Exercise

This Charm raises her Appearance by one for the rest of the scene, even if this increases it past five. An erotic vision made manifest, she may attempt and succeed at seductive persuade actions without targeting an Intimacy. In addition, she may make her movements and words effortlessly erotic, subtly or overtly sensualizing her social influence actions. She might be using a read intentions action to draw out someone’s opinion on a social issue while subtly enticing him with an instill action, or she might play a song to remind a prince of his homeland while using an inspire action to stir a fire in the belly of his wife. In such cases, her social influence is made with a single roll, each different action sharing the roll’s results.


Harmonious Presence Meditation

Cost: 5m or 7m | Mins: Presence 2, Essence 1 | Type: Reflexive | Keywords: None | Duration: One scene | Prerequisite Charms: None

The Lawgiver embodies virility, magnetism and grace, empowering her forces of persuasion. For five motes, this Charm grants three bonus dice to all forms of social influence from all Abilities except Stealth. In addition, the cost of all social influence Charms are reduced by one mote, to a minimum of one. The seven mote version of this Charm extends the duration to indefinite.


Durability of Oak Meditation

Cost: 3m | Mins: Resistance 2, Essence 1 | Type: Reflexive | Keywords: Dual | Duration: One tick | Prerequisite Charms: None

A child cannot cleave a tree with a dull knife, nor can a foe hope to strike down the Solar with his petty blade. Against a withering or decisive attack, this Charm reduces raw damage by two. Against a decisive attack it also grants the Exalt four hardness. Note that the hardness bonus cannot be applied during crash.


Mastery of Small Manners

Cost: 5m | Mins: Socialize 3, Essence 1 | Type: Reflexive | Keywords: None | Duration: One scene | Prerequisite Charms: None

The Solar attunes herself to the patterns of social interaction, allowing Essence to guide her responses. While this Charm is active, the Exalt adapts to the expectations of a host culture, and is able to instinctively and reflexively follow its customs, behaving appropriately for the situation at hand. This Charm does not grant the Exalt perfect understanding of a society, but covers greetings, eating and gift customs, and flirtation mores. This Charm eliminates all penalties incurred by unfamiliarity with cultural expectations and group dynamics, and prevents a character from committing any major faux pas. In addition, those who hold positive Intimacies for the culture the Solar has attuned herself to gain a temporary positive Minor Tie of respect or admiration for the Solar, while those who hold negative Intimacies for foreigners or outsiders have that Intimacy temporarily lowered by one level of intensity.

Motive-Discerning Technique

Cost: 3m | Mins: Socialize 3, Essence 1 | Type: Supplemental | Keywords: Mute | Duration: Instant | Prerequisite Charms: None

This Charm supplements a read intentions action (p. 218), applying the double 9s rule to the Solar’s roll. In addition, the Exalt may substitute Wits for Perception when she is reading the intentions of a person with whom she is speaking. A Socialize 4+ repurchase enhances this Charm’s performance. When the Solar discerns the intentions of her target, the player may speculate on the existence of one of the target’s related Intimacies. If the player is correct, the Solar becomes aware of that Intimacy as per Cunning Insight Technique.

A Socialize 5 repurchase enhances this Charm when it is used to speculate about a target’s Intimacy; if the player’s first speculation is incorrect, the player may inquire about the existence of a second Intimacy.

Intent-Tracing Stare

Cost: 1m; Mins: Socialize 5, Essence 1 | Type: Reflexive | Keywords: Mute | Duration: Instant | Prerequisite Charms: Motive-Discerning Technique,Shadow Over Day

The Solar becomes preternaturally aware of the social scene, able to read invisible subtexts and sense the intensifying focus of another’s scrutiny. Each time the Solar or a character within five feet is the target of a read intentions action, the Exalt feels a tingle at the base of her skull telling her to activate this Charm. Upon doing so, she can discern not only who the target of the action is, but who is watching them. The Solar must be aware of the initiate to notice him—this Charm does not grant the ability to spot hidden characters, though it does allow the Exalt to reflexively apply a (Perception + Awareness) check to try to notice hidden initiates.

Deep-Eyed Soul Gazing

Cost: 3m; Mins: Socialize 5, Essence 2 | Type: Reflexive | Keywords: None | Duration: Instant | Prerequisite Charms: Intent-Tracing Stare

After successfully defending herself through an application of Guile, the Solar’s next read intentions action against the initiate gains (Essence) dice and one automatic success. This advantage vanishes at the end of the scene.

Seen and Seeing Method

Cost: 2m, 1wp; Mins: Socialize 5, Essence 3 | Type: Reflexive | Keywords: None | Duration: Instant | Prerequisite Charms: Deep-Eyed Soul Gazing

When the Exalt successfully defends her motives or Intimacies through an application of Guile, she may reflexively make a read intentions action against the initiate, and if she pierces his Guile she gains a point of temporary Willpower. The Solar may only use this Charm to respond to actions she is aware of. The Solar may use this Charm against a character even if she has already failed to read his intentions in the scene.

A repurchase of this Charm allows the Exalt to notice a read intentions action from a source she is unaware of, reflexively ignoring the -2 penalty and noticing the general direction from which the action is being made. She may even attempt to discern the motives of a character she cannot perceive—even one on another plane of existence— but will only pick up the surface emotions of a character she can’t actually see. An Essence 4+ repurchase allows the Solar to respond to a read intentions action with one of her own, even if the target pierces her Guile.

Knowing the Soul’s Price

Cost: 10m, 1wp; Mins: Socialize 5, Essence 3 | Type: Simple | Keywords: None | Duration: Instant | Prerequisite Charms: Seen and Seeing Method, Wise-Eyed Courtier Method

With a glance the Solar discerns those passions that sit hidden in the soul of her subject, desires for which he’d take great personal risks or engage in behavior he would normally resist. This Charm is a read intentions action with (Essence) automatic successes, rerolling 5s and 6s until 5s and 6s fail to appear. If successful, the Solar learns her target’s price—that is, what will motivate him to undertake some specific task. The subject’s price might be the recovery of a lost possession, sex with an unachievable object of desire, aid in a personal endeavor, simple flattery and so on. If the Exalt knows Cunning Insight Technique, she may activate it in an attempt to confirm up to (Essence) Intimacies suggested by the subject’s price.

Quicksilver Falcon’s Eye

Cost: 1m; Mins: Socialize 3, Essence 1 | Type: Reflexive | Keywords: None | Duration: One turn | Prerequisite Charms: Motive-Discerning Technique

With a supernaturally keen sense for social interaction, the Lawgiver can gauge a character’s response to any social influence. She can even tell conspirators from rivals at a glance. With this Charm the Solar can intuit when a character applies Resolve or Guile against social influence actions and when he doesn’t. When she makes an argument she believes her target will readily accept, but he applies his Resolve, she senses his hesitation. When he applies his Guile to occlude his intentions, she knows he’s hiding something. When characters engaged in an argument seem to disagree yet she sees no application of Resolve, this is a clear sign of a sham performance.

Humble Servant Approach

Cost: 1m; Mins: Socialize 4, Essence 1 | Type: Reflexive | Keywords: None | Duration: Instant | Prerequisite Charms: Motive-Discerning Technique

When taking a read intentions action to discover what a target wants from her, the Solar may reflexively activate this Charm, applying a -2 penalty to the target’s Guile. In order to use this Charm, the Solar needs to have already succeeded at a read intentions action against the target in the scene, reading his intentions while he was interacting with someone other than the Solar.

Wise-Eyed Courtier Method

Cost: 6m; Mins: Socialize 5, Essence 2 | Type: Simple | Keywords: None | Duration: Instant | Prerequisite Charms: Humble Servant Approach

The Exalt can master the social currents that surround her to gain a greater understanding of the situation. The Solar makes a read intentions action with (Essence) automatic successes, applying a single roll against the Guile of all targets in the scene of whom she is aware. Success reveals surface attitudes, (“She is nervous and impatient about something”), emotions (“He is angry at her”), and Ties (“Those two are besotted with one another”), revealing this information at a glance. The Solar can also discern what her targets want from one another (“He is trying to seduce her; she wants to buy his horse”). This Charm does not read minds—rather, it models the skill of a Lawgiver who can read the thousandfold nuances of social interaction with breathtaking ease. Failing to read a target’s intentions with this Charm does not count as failing a read intentions action for the purposes of a reset. The Solar may only use this Charm once per scene, but she may reuse it if the scene changes significantly in some way.

Shadow Over Day

Cost: 1m or 2m; Mins: Socialize 3, Essence 1 | Type: Reflexive | Keywords: Mute | Duration: Instant | Prerequisite Charms: None

The Solar flenses herself of emotion and expression, shedding her façade to become inscrutable. The Solar may reflexively raise her Guile by one point. At Essence 2+, the Solar may pay two motes for two points of Guile.

Guarded Thoughts Meditation

Cost: 4m; Mins: Socialize 5, Essence 2 | Type: Simple | Keywords: None | Duration: Indefinite | Prerequisite Charms: Shadow Over Day

The Exalt shrouds her mind, concealing her inner thoughts behind fivefold walls. This Charm indefinitely raises her Guile by three points.

Penumbra Self Meditation

Cost: 3m per Intimacy; Mins: Socialize 5, Essence 2 | Type: Simple | Keywords: Stackable | Duration: Indefinite | Prerequisite Charms: Guarded Thoughts Meditation

Through concentration and practice, the Solar sheds a piece of her soul into the lightless blaze of her anima, dimming it. From that point onward, no read intentions action can uncover it. The Solar must meditate for an hour in order to bury a single Intimacy in this fashion. The Solar may eclipse as many Intimacies as she can afford to hide. Note that this Charm does not make it impossible to notice a Solar’s overt tendencies—her Intimacies can still be revealed through her own actions.

Inverted Ego Mask

Cost: 2m, 1wp; Mins: Socialize 5, Essence 2 | Type: Reflexive | Keywords: None | Duration: Instant | Prerequisite Charms: Penumbra Self Meditation

When her soul is glimpsed, the Solar may twist the very perceptions of her subject. The Solar may invoke this Charm when a character pierces her Guile, supplying a false purpose for her true motives. If the initiate inquires as to one of her Intimacies, and manages to uncover one, she may also use this Charm to misdirect his interpretation, changing the context of a Tie or the wording of a Principle to mislead him. This causes the initiate to make incorrect assumptions about the Solar’s loyalties, interests or objectives, causing his social influence against her to be less effective or completely implausible. For example, he might discern that she is a devotee of the Immaculate Faith when in reality she holds the Order in contempt. His persuasion to get her to aid the Order by informing on her fellow Solars would then experience a boost in her Resolve, rather than a weakening. Though this Charm is paid instantly, the Solar’s false Intimacy lingers until the end of the story. She is not compelled by this Intimacy and may freely act against it, nor is her Resolve lowered through its exploitation. However, should she experience Limit Break before the end of the story, the Intimacy becomes real, capable of influencing her until the story ends.

Heart-Eclipsing Shroud x2 – Solar, Dragon Blood

Cost: —(10m, 1wp); Mins: Socialize 5, Essence 3 | Type: Permanent | Keywords: Mute | Duration: Permanent | Prerequisite Charms: Inverted Ego Mask

The Exalt creates a new persona with a set of false Intimacies she can use to change the way she thinks and acts. These Intimacies are purchased as a permanent effect, but the Solar must activate them by taking a dramatic action lasting four or more hours, in which she cloisters herself in a place of solitude and meditates or talks herself into her new persona. Upon entering her new persona, she gains her new Intimacies and temporarily voids her true Intimacies, and gains the following benefits:

  • While this Charm is active, the Solar can act against her true Intimacies without eroding them or having to roll to gain Limit at the end of a scene. Furthermore, the Exalt cannot be impressed or persuaded by her true Intimacies—as if she were another person.

The Solar may use her persona’s Intimacies to void social influence against her, but doing so causes her to drag the affected Intimacy or Intimacies into her next persona change, or back to her true set of Intimacies, resulting in confusion as her identities begin to overlap and she begins to think competing thoughts in different voices.

Heart-Eclipsing Shroud can be purchased (Essence) times, to create (Essence) personas. Motes spent activating this effect are not committed: reverting to her true Intimacies or changing to another persona requires that she use the Charm again.

Special rules: Upon purchase, the player creates a persona with a number of Intimacies. The player can invest it with as many or as few Ties as needed, but must create a number of new Principles equal to the number of Principles held by the Solar. When creating these Intimacies, the player should think of the persona as a different character with its own thoughts, feelings, and ideas. It is recommended that the player give the persona its own character concept to be reflected in the persona’s Intimacies. The player should aim for a concept and Intimacies which will serve the Solar in her desired social milieu.

Hundred-Faced Stranger

Cost: —; Mins: Socialize 5, Essence 3 | Type: Permanent | Keywords: None | Duration: Permanent | Prerequisite Charms: Heart-Eclipsing Shroud

This Charm permanently upgrades all purchases of Heart-Eclipsing Shroud, allowing the player to assign Abilities and specialties to each persona with the following rules:

  • Assign the persona’s favored Abilities—ten which can be placed anywhere.
  • Count the Solar’s dots in Integrity or Presence, Bureaucracy or Linguistics, Ride or Sail, Socialize, and one Dawn Caste Ability. This is the number of Ability dots the player may assign to the persona’s character sheet. The persona cannot have a Craft, Lore, Occult or a Dawn Caste Ability rated higher than the Solar’s own, and may not have a higher number of total * Halve the Solar’s total experience (round down) and grant this as bonus experience to the persona. This experience cannot be used to change the persona’s Attributes, increase
    her Willpower or purchase Charms or Merits, but can be used to upgrade Abilities using favored and nonfavored prices. Where the persona shares Abilities with the Solar, it automatically knows Charms the Solar already knows. With the exception of Craft, Lore, and Occult it may also learn Abilities the Exalt does not herself know.
  • Assign specialties: three that line up with the persona’s concept. Additional specialties cost three experience points each.

Please note: The Solar inherits these traits upon using the prerequisites to change personas. The first time a Solar undertakes this transition, she does not automatically possess all of the allotted Abilities afforded by this Charm. Immediately after creation, the persona only has access to those traits it shares with the Solar. All other Abilities and specialties must be acquired by spending the normal amount of training time learning them while wearing the persona’s guise. Any outstanding dots in requisite Zenith and Eclipse Abilities must be trained first. Naturally this requires that the Solar spend a considerable amount of time as her alternate self.

Once a persona becomes active, it grows along with the Solar, gaining one experience point for every two the Solar accrues. Experience points gained while in the guise of the persona contribute their full amount to the Solar’s experience total, not the persona’s.

Legend Mask Methodology

Cost: —; Mins: Socialize 5, Essence 3 | Type: Permanent | Keywords: None | Duration: Permanent | Prerequisite Charms: Hundred-Faced Stranger

This Charm permanently upgrades all purchases of Heart-Eclipsing Shroud. The player can now purchase Charms for each persona using the experience granted by this Charm’s prerequisite, paying favored or non-favored prices as the persona’s character sheet dictates. With this Charm, the persona may learn Solar Charms the Exalt does not herself know.

Knowledge of this Charm increases the Solar’s deep mental and spiritual investment in her many personas. When she shifts into such a persona, she becomes increasingly vulnerable to her created passions. While in the guise of a persona, each time the Solar vents a point of Limit through an epic defense of one of her persona’s Principles or Ties, the corresponding Intimacy is transferred to her list of true Intimacies, temporarily voiding the strongest opposing Intimacy or the strongest Intimacy which is antithetical to her persona’s character concept. The voided Intimacy cannot be restored until the transferred Intimacy has been eroded away, but the Exalt is as compelled by this Defining Intimacy as any other, and acting in accordance with it may cause her personality to transform even further.

Special activation rules: This Charm retroactively lowers the cost of Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise to three motes when it is activated during the four hour dramatic action described in Heart-Eclipsing Shroud. If Perfect Mirror is used during that time, ignore that Charm’s Willpower cost.

Allied Mirror Shrouding Technique

Cost: 2m +, possible willpower too; Mins: Socialize 5, Essence 4 | Type: Permanent | Keywords: None | Duration: Permanent | Prerequisite Charms: Legend Mask Methodology

Just as the Solar’s persona is flawless so to must her surroundings be to complete the mirage. This Charm allows the Solar to extend an alternate persona to each person she commits 2 motes of essence to. This alternate persona compliments the persona the Solar enacting this charm wears, thus allowing the Solar’s disguise even greater merit by immersing her in the appropriate surroundings. Her companions persona’s gain the benefits of the Solar’s existing persona charms.

At Essence 5, this charm also extends the benefits of Larcency disguise charms to her companions. The Solar must commit 1 temporary willpower per Essence # of people that get this benefit.

Draw the CurtainPoppy & Dragon Blood persona

Cost: —; Mins: Socialize 5, Essence 4 | Type: Permanent | Keywords: None | Duration: Permanent | Prerequisite Charms: Legend Mask Methodology

The Solar’s inner self rises closer to the surface. This Charm can be purchased to upgrade one of the personas enhanced by Legend Mask Methodology, granting it an additional 25% of the Solar’s experience points and increasing its experience gain to two for every three the
Solar earns. However, purchasing this Charm grants the persona a new Limit Trigger in addition to the Solar’s own. Draw the Curtain can be repurchased once for each persona the Solar wishes to enhance.


Crimson Charms

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