Combat Cheat Sheet


Join Battle is a (Wits + Awareness) roll. Count out the successes gained on this roll, then add three.

Initiative: A trait abstracting combat advantage, and determining the order in which characters take turns during combat. This very important trait changes rapidly during battle. See pages 192-194.

Base Initiative: The value that a character’s Initiative resets to after landing a successful decisive attack. This is usually 3 Initiative.

Initiative (damage): Produced by withering attacks, Initiative damage causes the character’s Initiative rating to drop (and usually the attacker’s Initiative rating to increase by an equal amount).

Initiative Break: An Initiative bonus granted for forcing an enemy into Initiative Crash.

Initiative Crash: A state wherein a character is on the ropes and losing a fight, signified by an Initiative value of 0 or below.

Initiative Shift: A dramatic reversal of fortune which occurs when a character in Initiative Crash Crashes the enemy who Crashed him.


  • Soak: A value which determines how well-protected the character is from injury, due to toughness and armor. Soak only protects against withering attacks.
  • Parry: A static value describing how well a character can block or parry attacks. Can be used to determine Defense.
    • A character’s Parry rating is ([Dexterity + Brawl, Martial Arts or Melee, whichever is appropriate to the character’s current armament] / 2, round up) + weapon’s Defense bonus, if any. Characters wielding ranged weapons such as bows or chakrams cannot parry.
    • Evasion
      • A character’s Evasion rating is equal to ([Dexterity + Dodge] / 2, round up) – armor’s mobility penalty, if any.
    • The highest applicable number among the two values is the character’s overall Defense static value. The difficulty of all attacks made against the character is equal to her Defense value.
  • Hardness: A value establishing a character’s incredible toughness, due to magic, mystical armor, or superhuman prowess. Protects against decisive attacks.


Decisive Attack: A risky, pivotal attack within a combat scene, which may decide the outcome of a fight. Attempts to damage an opponent’s Health Track.

Onslaught Penalty: A -1 penalty to a character’s Defense, lasting until his next turn, that is incurred every time he suffers an attack.

Withering Attack: An attack or series of attacks which move a combat scene toward its conclusion, but which will not end the fight in and of themselves. Attempts to damage an opponent’s Initiative.

Bashing (damage): Produced by decisive attacks. The least severe variety of Health Track damage a character can suffer, representing blunt impacts, contusions, and bruising. A character whose Health Track is filled with bashing damage is rendered unconscious.

Aggravated (damage): Produced by certain magical effects that modify lethal damage, aggravated damage cannot be healed magically.

Combat Actions


Guile: A static value which establishes how difficult it is for others to read the character’s intentions and motives. See page 214.
Guile is typically used to defend against the read intentions action.

Inspire: A social action which inflames passions, often with unpredictable results.

Instill: A social action which creates or modifies Intimacies.

Resolve: Resolve is mainly used to resist instill, inspire, persuade, bargain and threaten actions.

Combat Cheat Sheet

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