Cas Stats

Casiana’s STATS



Strength ••Charisma ••Perception •••••
Dexterity •••••Manipulation •••••Intelligence •••
Stamina •••Appearance ••Wits •••••


Archery ••••Larceny •••••Resistance ••
Athletics •••Linguistics •Ride
Awareness •••Lore •Sail •
Brawl Martial Arts Socialize •••
Bureaucracy Medicine Stealth •••••
Craft Melee •••Survival •
Dodge ••••Occult ••Thrown
Integrity •••Performance War
Investigation ••••Presence •••

Supernal Ability

Class Abilities


Favored Abilities



  • Archery (While Hidden)
  • Larceny (For the sake of others)
  • Socialize (For the sake of others)
  • Stealth (After performing an act of Larceny)

Seatongue, Riverspeak, Guild Cant, Old Realm


Essence ••

Personal Essence: 16Committed: Current:
Peripheral Essence: 40Committed: Current:

Health Levels



  • Exalted Healing •••••
    • The character heals quickly and perfectly, with no risk of lingering complications. Only the most grievous of injuries leave any hint of scarring, and the character’s healing is like a slow form of regeneration, flawlessly mending severed muscles and nerves, torn ligaments, and shattered bones. Unless a body part is completely severed or destroyed, it is restored to perfect working condition once healed. Finally, the character’s wounds never become infected. For more detail on healing from injuries, see page 173. All Exalted possess this Merit at no cost. Spirits also universally possess this Merit, as do the Fair Folk.
  • Ambidextrous •
    • The character doesn’t suffer a -1 penalty to actions using his off-hand.
  • Direction Sense •
    • The character is never completely lost, and is able to naturally determine her orientation relative to the five Poles. In addition to always knowing her facing and acting as a living compass, she lowers the difficulty on attempts to navigate toward a fixed, known location or to retrace her steps by 2.
  • Eidetic Memory ••
    • The character enjoys near-perfect recall, adding one automatic success to all attempts to remember details from previous scenes and events.
  • Language •
    • Riverspeak: The language of the Scavenger Lands. The Guild has promoted this loanword-filled tongue as the unofficial “trade language” of the Threshold; it is probably the most widely-understood language in Creation. Its written form employs a simple glyphic alphabet whose characters can easily be shaped with a quill, stylus, or even a stick of charcoal.
    • Guild Cant: A secret language spoken only by members of the Guild. Its written form is composed of simple horizontal and vertical lines, designed to be able to be written quickly and unobtrusively when necessary.
    • Old Realm: The native language of the spirits and those that created them, as well as of the Fair Folk. It was widely spoken in the First Age, especially by savants and sorcerer-engineers, and used for many official documents. Characters must have Lore 1+ or Occult 1+ to learn this language. There exist several styles for writing Old Realm, the most extravagant of which is a complex glyphic system where symbol arrangement is as important as symbol choice, and the same phrase might be read in several ways, often as a deliberate choice by the writer intended to impart subtle and layered meaning.
  • Quick Draw: Archery ••••
    • The character possesses the lightning draw of a deadly duelist. At one dot, she suffers no Defense penalty for taking a draw/ready weapon action. At four dots, if she flurries a draw/ready weapon action and an attack action, the flurry penalty is reduced to -1 rather than -3.
  • Quick Draw: Melee •
    • The character possesses the lightning draw of a deadly duelist. At one dot, she suffers no Defense penalty for taking a draw/ready weapon action.


  • Sterile
    • The character is infertile, and incapable of reproduction.


  • Effects
    A character’s anima is her most instinctive expression of Essence, granting access to a number of small miracles. A few of these are available to all Solars, while most are unique to a Caste. Where anima effects enhance a dice pool, they do not count as dice added by a Charm (p. 151-152).
    By feeding a mote of Essence into their anima, all Solars can evoke the following effects:
    • The Solar may feel the brilliant presence of the sun relative to herself and know the exact time of day thereby. This works even if she’s underground or in the Wyld beyond Creation.
    • The Solar may cause her Caste Mark to appear and display itself for as long as she desires.
  • Night Caste Effects
    • For two motes, the Night can dampen her anima, treating all Peripheral Essence expenditures as if they were Personal for one instant.
    • For three motes, the Night can ignore up to (higher of 3 or Essence) penalties to a Stealth attempt for one instant. These motes are always considered Personal, regardless of the pool they’re spent from.
    • When the Night’s anima is at the bonfire/iconic level, it wraps around and suffuses her form, hiding her figure and masking her visage in flame. She is merely a fearsome silhouette shrouded in all the hues of evening. It becomes impossible to discern her identity. This is considered a perfect effect, and cannot be pierced by Eye of the Unconquered Sun (see p. 273) or other all-seeing magic.
  • Appearance
    • Caste Mark: Inky black liquid drips down her forehead to form a ring, drawing in and absorbing the surrounding light before flaring brightly for a second. Quickly fading back to black before disappearing completely.
    • Iconic: Surrounded by a seemingly endless tide above and below, Cas appears to be back-lit from all angles, the tide reflecting non-existent stars.


Cas Stats

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