Skimmer Tyrant


Stat Block

Role: War galley.
Speed: Current +2; sail +3; oars +3;
Maneuverability: +2; Hull: -0/-1/-2/-4/Incapacitated
Cargo: 3,000 Tons or 250-500 Troops


Crewed by Captain Zale Lazaro and a team of crack elite sailors, this vessel is about as close to a pirate ship as one can come without a warrant on their heads. While the crew mostly ducks trouble (no doubt due to their Dragon-Blooded Captain’s proficiency with Bureaucracy Charms), the ship is mostly just free-spirited souls that sail around the West looking for adventure and to turn a profit (regardless of the laws of the land they are doing business in).

The ship’s namesake comes from the scales which are made out of enchanted Tyrant Lizard skin which Zale proudly boosts he and his crew took down themselves trolling the shorelines of the Scavenger Lands. Still, many witnesses remark about strange sounds and inexplicable phenomenon surrounding the ship while she makes port.


Skimmer Tyrant

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