Moon’s Remembered Fury - Artifact ••••


Slayer Khatars

Artifact ••••

This pair of deadly Slayer Khatars were crafted with care for Freya’s Lunar mate. This pair of punching daggers are incorporated into bracers to leave Lok’s hands free when he needs them. In addition, the blades are retractable (requiring a draw weapon action to sheath and unsheath) so that they appear as nothing more than artifact bracers. When the blades are extended these swift and brutal weapon are designed to punch through armor and deliver terrible stab wounds to the target.

Category Accuracy Damage Defense Overwhelming Attunement Hearthstone Sockets Tags
Light +5 +10 0 4 4 4 Lethal, Brawl, Piercing, sometimes Worn


Moonsilver blades with Red Jade and Orichalcum inlays


  • if Lunar wields, these Slayer Khatars adapt and transform with the Lunar as they shift forms
  • while the Lunar is wielding this pair of Slayer Khatars and observing a person or creature they have a negative intimacy towards the Lunar gains +3 non-charm dice to any awareness role involving that creature or person

First Evocation Tree – Double Strike

These three evocations capitalize on the Lunar’s ability to deal maximum damage to a target with both Katars.

Twin Blade Strike

Cost: 4m; Mins: Essence 1
Type: Supplemental; Duration: Instant; Keywords: Dual
This evocation allows the Lunar to flurry two attacks.

Double Blade Rend

Cost: 3m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 1; Twin Blade Strike
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant; Keywords: Dual
If the Lunar makes two successful attacks against the same target with Twin Blade Strike, he may reflexively activate this Charm to rend the target. This rend is an additional Decisive Attack but can only benefit from initiative gained from the previous two attacks. Regardless, the Lunar’s initiative resets as normal after this attack.

Bleeding Prey Hobble

Cost: 2m; Mins: Essence 2; Double Blade Rend
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant; Keywords: Perilous
After a successful attack with Double Blade Rend, the Lunar may activate this Evocation to cause his opponents wounds to bleed profusely. Targets bleed 1lhl / turn for (Essence) turns. Targets with the Exalted Healing trait may make a (Stamina + Resistance) roll with a difficulty equal to the damage dealt with Double Blade Rend to prevent the bleeding and targets without blood are immune.

Second Evocation Tree – Life Stealing

The second attack method of the Katars, this tree of evocations focuses on powering the Lunar after successfully damaging an opponent.

Stolen Essence Siphon

Cost: 1i; Mins: Essence 1;
Type: Supplemental; Duration: Instant; Keywords: Dual, Perilous
After a successful attack, the Lunar gains 1m per post-soak die of damage dealt (to a maximum of the Lunar’s natural Strength score) in motes.

Stolen Life Rend

Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 2; Stolen Essence Siphon
Type: Supplemental; Duration: Instant; Keywords: Decisive-Only
While in Deadly Beastman Form after a decisive attack, the Lunar heals an additional health level for every 10 on his damage roll. The Katars siphon the very life force from the enemy with each strike. At Essence 3, this Charm can heal the Lunar even outside his Deadly Beastman Form.

Soul Consuming Tear

Cost: 4m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 2; Stolen Life Rend
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant; Keywords: -
If a target is slain with Stolen Life Rend, the Lunar may reflexive activate this Charm to drink the target’s lower soul. Note this evocation permanently kills entities that would normally reform after death, such as Spirits. The Lunar rolls (Damage Dealt by the Attack + Essence) dice and totals the successes. Each success grants one of the following:

  • The target’s form is added to the Lunar’s Hearts-Blood Library
  • The Lunar gains all the target’s memories surrounding one subject
  • The Lunar may reflexively spend experience to raise a trait the target had higher than his own by one dot
  • The Lunar may regain one temporary willpower

Third Evocation Tree – Social / Physical Combat

If I was a Solar and wanted to make my Full Moon effective in social situations, this is what i would craft.

The Threat of Violence

Cost: -; Mins: Essence 1;
Type: Permanent; Duration: Permanent; Keywords: None
While wearing these Artifacts, every successful social action the Lunar, the Lunar’s Pack, the Lunar’s Solar Mate, or a member of the Solar’s Circle takes on the target raises his starting initiative by 1 if Join Battle is declared. The target is somewhat aware of this Charm innately, sensing the Lunar’s growing propensity for violence as the discussion progresses.

Stern Fists Warning

Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 1; The Threat of Violence
Type: Supplemental; Duration: Instant; Keywords: Withering-Only
On any turn in which the Lunar flurries a physical and social attack and makes the physical attack first, he may activate this Evocation. He gains the target’s initiative loss from the physical attack in bonus non-Charm dice to his social attack.

Life Sparing Bargain

Cost: 1wp; Mins: Essence 2; Stern Fists Warning
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant; Keywords: Decisive-Only
On any attack in which the Lunar would knock out or slay his opponent with an attack, the Lunar may reflexively activate this Charm. Instead of dealing damage, compare the health levels of damage against the target’s Resolve taking in to account a -4 wound penalty which the target would have suffered on a successful strike. If the successes are higher than the target’s Resolve, the target is treated as though the Lunar made a successful social attack of the Lunar’s choice. Unlike normal social actions, the one imposed by this Charm need not hinge on an Intimacy as the self-preservation felt by all creature is motivation enough to bow to the Lunar’s will.
Limit: 1/Story per Target
Reset: The target takes a hostile physical action against the Lunar or the Lunar’s Mate, or the Lunar learns of the target arranging for a hostile physical attack.


Moon’s Remembered Fury - Artifact ••••

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