Time Tempered Terrapin


Human Form

Deadly Beastman Form


Terrapin is one of the ancient Lunars that remembers the First Age. At the Twilight of his life, he lives in a secluded area of the forests of the East where he welcomes the young ones of the Silver Pact. During their brief stay with them, Terrapin does his best to pass on what knowledge and wisdom he has gleamed from his considerable lifespan onto the next generation of Lunar Exalted. Quiet and peaceful, Terrapin is staring to show his age and knows he won’t be around much longer. Despite his somewhat feeble appearance and slow mannerisms, however, in his chest beats the heart of a Lunar warrior many thousands of years in the making. While he’s toned down his Deadly Beastman form to be less intimidating to others, he still regularly instructs others in the esoteric ways of martial arts.


Time Tempered Terrapin

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