Freya Taj

"Tya Taj", Fray-a Ta-jh


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Strength ●● Charisma ●●● Perception ●●●●●
Dexterity ●●●●● Manipulation ●● Intelligence ●●●●●
Stamina ●● Appearance ●●●●● Wits ●●●

Willpower ●●●●●●●●●●


-0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 Incapacitated

Essence ●●

Personal 16 -
Peripheral 40 -
Committed -


Natural Soak 2 Armored Soak 3 Total Soak 5
Parry 8 Evasion 3
Resolve 3 Guile 3

Limit Trigger The Solar’s emotions lead her into a course of action that she regrets.

  • Virtue Flaw – All-Consuming Grief
    • The Solar is overwhelmed by regret or sorrow, and can do nothing but stop to mourn what she has lost or to brood upon the injustices that have befallen her. She’ll try to go off to be alone to grieve, if possible; if not, then the Solar ignores her surroundings and focuses inward on her pain. She stirs from her grief for nothing, not even to help her allies.
    • Duration: Scene.
      • All-Consuming Grief can be ended prematurely if the Solar is attacked or if someone to whom she has a Major or Defining Tie is incapacitated.


Archery Athletics ●●● Awareness ●●● Brawl Bureaucracy ●● Craft ●● Dodge
Integrity ●● Investigation Larceny Linguistics ● Lore ●●●●● Martial Arts Medicine ●●●●
Melee ●●●● Occult ●●●● Performance ●●● Presence ●●● Resistance ●●● Ride Sail ●
Socialize ●●● Stealth Survival ●●● Thrown War

          Supernal Ability
                    Lore – defining ability that let’s you treat your Essence as rating 5 for the purpose of meeting prerequisites for charms

          Caste Abilities – Bureaucracy, Integrity, Lore, Medicine, Occult

          Favored Abilities – Awareness, Melee, Performance, Presence, Socialize

                     Lore : The Wyld
                     Melee : Swords
                     Occult : Sorceress Working
                     Integrity : Against Mental Influence


  • Low Realm, Old Realm, High Realm, Seatongue, Riverspeak, Skytongue, Dragontongue, Flametongue, Forest-tongue, Dragon Tongue, High Holy Speech


Thaumaturgist (••••)—Innate
The character is able to wield a certain small magic, possibly as part of an ancient tradition, possibly as unique prodigy of the world. No one can quite say why one individual is gifted with thaumaturgy while tens of thousands aren’t; perhaps the character is the seventh son of a seventh son, was blessed in the womb by a powerful god, or was simply born under a confluence of auspicious (or inauspicious…) signs. For more information on thaumaturgy, see pgs 490 – 491. Exalted characters who take the Charm Terrestrial Circle Sorcery (see pgs. 360-361) gain this Merit at no cost.

The Burning Name (Merit ••)
With the utterance of her patron’s name, the sorcerer may call forth flames, sending them streaming from her eyes, fingertips, or mouth. She might use this to light a campfire or incinerate ropes that bind her hands, and can also use it as an attack, rolling (Intelligence + Occult) to direct the flames, which are treated as a light mundane weapon with the lethal, thrown (short), and mounted tags.

Selective Conception (•)—Innate
The character enjoys full conscious control over his or her fertility, never running the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Perhaps this is the result of years of cultivated control of body and Essence, a divine blessing, or simply the benefit of lucky birth. Both sexes may withhold fertility when they wish. Female characters may pay one Willpower to ensure conception, and will automatically know when they’re pregnant.

Exalted Healing (•••••)—Innate
The character heals quickly and perfectly, with no risk of lingering complications. Only the most grievous of injuries leave any hint of scarring, and the character’s healing is like a slow form of regeneration, flawlessly mending severed muscles and nerves, torn ligaments, and shattered bones. Unless a body part is completely severed or destroyed, it is restored to perfect working condition once healed. Finally, the character’s wounds never become infected. For more detail on healing from injuries, see page 173.

Ambidextrous (•)—Innate
The character doesn’t suffer a -1 penalty to actions using his off-hand.

Language (••)—Purchased
Each purchase grants the character fluency in a number of languages, in addition to his native tongue, equal to the greater of her Intelligence or Linguistics. If the character possesses Linguistics 1+, then they are also literate in any written forms of the language.

Direction Sense (•)—Innate
The character is never completely lost, and is able to naturally determine her orientation relative to the five Poles. In addition to always knowing her facing and acting as a living compass, she lowers the difficulty on attempts to navigate toward a fixed, known location or to retrace her steps by 2.

Gills (•••)—Innate
The character possesses visible gills somewhere on his body, and may breathe comfortably underwater. The free version of this Merit causes the character’s lungs to atrophy, preventing him from breathing air; out of water, he begins suffocating after (Stamina x 5) minutes. The three dot version makes the character amphibious, able to breathe equally well above or below the water’s surface.

Subtlety (••)—Innate
Subtlety must be attached to another already-purchased Supernatural Merit; it makes that Merit non-obvious to observers when not in use, gills that close up tight enough to be invisible when not in use.


Freya Taj

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