Champions of the Sun

Tome of a Twilight, Volume I, Page 5

  • My circle and our companions headed North, guided by Seven Storms, to see if we could track down Serenity’s killer. Nothing proves easy in the Age of Sorrows and we arrived at the area that Seven Storms said Serenity was killed to find the Bull of the North and his troops fighting a Fey.
  • It was obvious that the Fey could potentially have some information for us so we began approaching the Bull…the Bull and Seven Storm’s caste marks flared and connected somehow and it was obvious they were mates. The Bull removed her helmet to reveal her identity and granted us an audience with the Fey.
  • The fey, White Wind Squall, did have information and we had to barter with Bull for the Fey’s safe passage to get it. The information she provided proved worth the bargain as we learned the killer’s appearance…an Abyssal woman who wears a white mask. She was headed due South when the fey last saw her. With Eirik’s help we tracked down an impression in the ice…an amulet the Abyssal who killed Serenity was wearing. I reconstructed the amulet and we were able to learn its purpose…to allow a creature of darkness the ability to go someplace that shielding against them. That left one place—Whitewall.
  • The Bull was nice enough to allow us all to stay at her camp, a pretty impressive mountain set up. I repaid her kindness by crafting her a provider/weather manse and molding the land to form new barbarians as well. I was also able to craft a few artifacts for the Bull and Seven Storms, including a pair of Solar/Lunar rings. Bull hosted a feast for us complete with sparring entertainment. I even worked up the nerve to spar Lok…and with the Red Typhoon’s help actually managed to land a good blow. The Maidens must have been with me for my blade has never been so quick. Lok was a gracious loser, kneeling before me, but as my Lunar his place isn’t at my feed, but rather by my side. So I sat on his knee to show him I though of us as equals…and he, well…he carried me off to bed.
  • The next morning we bid Bull and Seven Storms goodbye and headed to Whitewall to track the Abyssal. Upon our arrival Shae introduced us to Tamrik, the Captain of the Guard, who told us that the city is in the middle of an epidemic. He directed us to the city’s doctor and we went to their center hospital and spoke with an air aspect Dragon Blood, Mia, who serves as the city’s main caregiver. We learned that without Whitewall’s powerful healing magic from their manses most of the unexalted citizens in the city would already be dead or at least gotten sick. We agreed to help look into this and I suspect that the Abyssal is to blame…the coincidence is simple too strong. After some investigation work we tracked the issue to the city’s water supply and are headed to the aquaducts.



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