Champions of the Sun

An Unclaimed Note 4

buried in rocks and snow

Our journey north to investigate the death of the shaper’s sister has been more fruitful than I honestly expected it to be, after such a long time in such a barren landscape. We have both my raiton and the bull to thank for that. We were expecting something closer to trouble from the bull, given their reputation, not the hospitality and friendship that we have received. I’m grateful. I like the bull and the sense of camaraderie shared between the people here. Their life is hard but they are making the most of it.

I’m happy that the bull has found companionship with an equal of sorts, it’s a shame for our diplomat though… She’s usually so cheery, it’s a shame that she’s hung so many of her hopes on an individual who doesn’t seem to exist at the moment.

Our hunt for the killer of the shaper’s sister has taken us to Whitewall. Hopefully we have beat them here and this illness that is plaguing the city is due to some other cause…Though I don’t know if that’s actually something to be wished for. On second thought it will be better if there is only one major threat facing the city and not two.

We really need to recruit a priest if we’re going to continue picking fights with creatures of darkness (or they with us). That might be our greatest challenge yet as they’ll need to be an especially open-minded priest in order to travel with us. Something they are not known for.



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