Champions of the Sun

An Unclaimed Note 3

drowned in the sea

The situation we were expecting to be faced with at the first age city was both more and less complicated than we were expecting. I was anticipating more bloodshed, not that there wasn’t… I’m just surprised not to be a participant. We have the shaper to thank for some of that, I gather she broke some sway the fey had over the dragonkings, and the panther to thank for the rest as he hunted down all the fey while we were busy exploring. Though I worry at the ease with which he takes others lives, even fey. He didn’t know we had struck a deal with one of them, allowing her to leave, so I understand why he did it, but still… she was fleeing. I’ve come to expect such brutality from spirits but I had hoped that we “chosen” could be better than that. Though I’m probably naive to think so.

The panther has left our company so he’ll have to be a worry for another day. It’s for the best as he wasn’t a good fit for our, this is an understatement, eclectic group. Fortunately? Due to the shaper’s unique heritage she was still able to honor our agreement with the one fey. Apparently bringing one back to life is not something even the best of healer’s should be able to do…

In the meantime, I have finally met the shaper’s mysterious “friend”. I’m not sure why I’m hesitant to trust him in spite of the aid he has given to at least two of my companions. I might be allowing a certain raiton’s distaste for an entire class of people affect my own opinion a little too much. It’s usually better to proceed cautiously than not, but it the meddler did bring an important message to the shaper. It was also at his prompting that we went to the city in the first place, if the fey had accomplished what they set out to do I expect it would have been very very bad.

So, in spite of my reservations we’ve left the meddler, along with my brother, to guard the city while we travel west again to respond to the missive. I sympathize with the shaper, receiving news she had lost a sister she didn’t even know she had. My brother has always given me strength, losing him was terrible, but holding on to the hope of finding him again gave me a different kind of strength. I can’t imagine not even knowing he existed until it was too late. That would be terrible in a different way… By all accounts her sister was a lovely person too. To the point where even defender of creation, who should be her natural enemy, has come to mourn her.

At least the shaper has been able to meet her brother, I hope he is worthy of the title for her sake and that they may be able to comfort each other.

We are setting out to try an discover who might have done this to the sister with some additions to the party. The diplomat may have found what she had finally given up looking for. While my raiton seems to have found himself a disciple whether he likes it or not. He certainly seems to be exasperated, though I’m amused, and it’s difficult to say no to the company of someone who saved your lives. That was her plan after all.

I’ve been pestering the diplomat for stories while we’re traveling. While I’m excited to finally be learning more about our unique inheritances, I’m also looking forward to returning to the first age city and hunting down more information. Since it was the first city devoted to Him I can hopefully find some different information there.



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