XP and Recaps

XP Cost Changes

XP Tracking

SessionFreya XPFreya MXPFreya BPCas XPCas MXPCas BPExtras
Total56 XP40 MXP12 BP50 XP36 MXP6 BP
Session 105 XP4 MXP-5 XP4 MXP-Cas Essence 3!
Session 94 XP4 MXP1 BP4 XP4 MXP1 BPFreya Essence 3!
Session 85 XP4 MXP-5 XP4 MXP1 BP
Session 75 XP4 MXP1 BP5 XP4 MXP1 BP
Session 65 XP4 MXP5 BP5 XP4 MXP1 BPLove Rathess!
Session 56 XP4 MXP1 BP6 XP4 MXP1 BP
Session 46 XP4 MXP1 BP6 XP4 MXP1 BPCas Essence 2!
Session 36 XP4 MXP1 BP---Freya Essence 2!
Session 28 XP4 MXP1 BP8 XP4 MXP-
Session 16 XP4 MXP1 BP6 XP4 MXP-

Session Overview

Session 9 – The City of Demons

  • Crew met and spoke with more people in Dajaz
    • Dena, a Demon-Blooded Half-Caste, showed them around the city and had an obvious admiration for Lunars
    • Yusuf, leader of the Night Watch, is the only one trying to protect the people of the city from the demon attacks
    • Malha, a powerful sorcerer, clearly a demonlogist of considerable power
    • Taj, a powerful Second Circle Demon, and father to all Cutman
    • The Merchant Prince Yaron, and his bodyguard sorcerer Kelia, the Guild Merchant Prince met his end at the hands of Cas and Eirik
  • State of the City
    • Dajaz is almost a third demons, the city is the Malfean version of a Shadowland
    • The city is mostly lawless and demons roam the streets at night but remain immaterial during the day
  • Cas called out Gorol and spoke with him about his future plans
  • Crew waited until nightfall only to find a platoon of demons waiting outside for Cas

Session 8 – Rebirth of Rathess

  • Crew went into the sewers and found the device responsible for poisoning Rathess
  • Crew went back to Rathess and rebuilt it into a massive first age city
    • Freya spent some time with her sister
    • Freya re-populated the city with humans and Dragon Kings
    • Shae stayed behind to train the Dragon Kings
  • Crew took their Lunars and left for Dajaz
    • Getting a feel for the city, the Crew began talking with the locals to figure out what was going on
    • A Fey named Oren Kanaan revealed he was trapped in the city but didn’t know how or why
    • A Fire Aspect named Farah mentioned the “cleansing” that happened at night when Demons run the streets and attack the townsfolk, roughly every week.

Session 7 – Hunt for Serenity’s Killer

  • Crew headed North to find out who killed Storms Eye Serenity
  • Crew arrives to find the aftermath of a battle between the Icewalkers, lead by the Bull of the North, and some Fey
    • The last remaining Fey was White Winds Squall
    • Crew asked the Bull to honor an agreement with the Fey, trading information about Serenity in exchange for her life
  • After some investigative work and an interrogation, Eirik discovered traces of a medallion that was used to fool manses into overlooking creatures of darkness
  • After introducing herself as Nadia, it quickly became apparent that her and Seven Storms Fury were a bonded pair
  • Nadia invited them back to Snow Fang Camp to rest
    • While there, Lok was able to provide them all with some intel about the Hushed Ones, fearsome Wyld-Tainted cannibals of the North
    • Freya Wyld Shaped a new manse, more troops, and more Artifacts for Nadia and Storm
  • After leaving Snow Fang Camp, the crew headed to Whitewall in pursuit of quarry
  • Upon arrival, the Crew quickly discovered that Whitewall was in the middle of an epidemic
    • Shae introduced the Crew to the Captain of the Port Guard, Tamrik Kuri
    • The crew then went to the city’s local hospital and spoke with an air aspected doctor, Mia, and her nurse Kiku
    • Were in not for the city’s extremely powerful health magic, most of the humans of the city would have taken ill
    • The crew eventually tracked the source back to the city’s water supply, and is gearing up to head into the ancient first age aquaducts of Whitewall to determine the source

Session 6 – Taking Rathess and Family Ties

  • The crew arrives at Rathess and begins sweeping through the city
    • They discovered 3 manses still in tact: a sidereal astrology manse, a solar temple/shielding manse, and a library manse
    • They encountered a Fey studying the library and decided to let her go in exchange for her leaving
    • Obsidian Panther hunted down two fey in the city and killed them while the rest of the group cleared the area
    • After the crew found Obsidian Panther outside and he killed the Fey they promised to let go, he and Freya got into an argument and he decided to leave
  • The group were confronted by Tempest and he delivered some bad news about a a death in Freya’s family and agreed to stay behind and guard the city with Black Sun Prince
  • The crew went to High Tide Castle where a large number of the Pearl Court were present for a funeral
    • Freya confronted a mysterious Fey, the Chaos Typhoon, who was mourning the loss of his sister
    • The crew encountered a Lunar. Seven Storms Fury, who knew the recently deceased Fey and was there to pay his respects
    • Chaos Typhoon then revealed he was Freya’s brother and their father is an Ishvara
    • Cas and Eirik were almost attacked by an errant Fey, whose assassination attempt was thwarted by another Fey, Ravenstead
  • After the funeral, Chaos Typhoon left to go find his father and deliver the news while the crew left with Seven Storms Fury and headed to the North to try and figure out what happened to Storms Eye Serenity

Session 5 – The Old Man in the Woods

  • Finishing up in Lookshy for about a week:
    • Cas spent time training troops
    • Freya crafted a new air and warstrider fleet for Lookshy
      • With Shae’s help, Freya maintained ownership of her Artifacts which are considered “on loan” in Lookshy
    • Eirik rooted out a few spys in Lookshy’s midst
    • Both Lunars donned their Twin Soul Unity rings, formally taking their place by their Solar’s sides
  • Cas came forward to everyone about her recent encounter with Gorol
  • The crew met Shae and her familiar Treys, an Eclipse Caste on her way to Rathess and looking for other Solars to join in her adventure
  • On route, the group stopped by to meet one of the oldest members of the Silver Pact, the Time Tempered Terrapin
    • While there, they group dropped off an impressive array of Artifacts for the Silver Pact
    • The group also met Obsidian Panther, a Lunar there to receive training
    • After an invitation from Freya and the insistence of Terrapin, Obsidian Panther agreed to join them on their journey to Rathess

Session 4 – The Hordes at Lookshy

  • Cas and Eirik returned from Malfeas via a portal in the belly of Dominante
    • Cas has no memory of her time in Hell
    • Cas later realized that her first age personality briefly took her over and was responsible for the last few days events
    • Cas had a brief dialogue with him until he became frustrated with her and sunk back into her subconscious, her knowing that he may emerge again at any time to take her over without warning
    • Cas did a bit of research at the Library with Galvan where she found a mysterious book, the Broken Wing Crane.
  • Freya completed some artifact crafting, including a new essence canon for the ship
  • After receiving a prophetic note warning that Lookshy was in trouble, the crew of the Silver Ray quickly sped off to Lookshy
  • They arrived just in time to witness a pitched battle between a sea of Undead and the Exalted of Lookshy
    • While the rest of the crew blasted the army from the air, Cas and Freya went down to the army directly to stop a mysterious Abyssal from detonating a Soul Breaker Orb
    • When all seemed lost, a Warstrider dropped from the sky and crushed the magic protecting the protective spell over the Orb and clearing a path for the Solars so that Freya could disarm it
    • The Lunar later revealed himself as the Twice Forged Lok who had been trying to find Freya for quite some time
    • He brought with him the Moonsilver Scout Warstrider, Tidal Warden
  • The Lookshy Homeguard, led by Taimyo Karal Masaru thanked them for their help before tending to their wounded
    • The group encountered a Dawn Caste Solar, Bronze Dragon’s Resolve, who was serving in the Legion and single-handedly held the gate against the undead hordes while the rest of the army combated the powerful undead necrotech creatures intermixed with the zombie army
    • After tending to the army, Broderic invited everyone to stay at his Manse and attend a festival the following day
  • The crew spent the next day taking in the sights of Lookshy, attending the vigil for the fallen soldiers of Lookshy, and enjoying the festivities the following night

Session 3 – Trouble in Dominante

  • Freya finished the repairs to the Redoubt and rebuilt the 4 Manses, restoring it to working order
  • Cas and Eirik went missing, unable to be found after a thorough search of the Redoubt
  • Everyone hopped on the Silver Ray and left for Dominante to figure out more about the Black Sun Prince
    • While on board, Freya talked with Zale and found out more about his past
  • Chandra Vitali, one of the city’s Demon Swords, stopped them at the Gate stating she couldn’t let a creature of darkness into the city without authorization
  • They encountered Hatty Scanlon in the city’s market district
    • Freya found out she was the chief sorcerer-engineer responsible for maintaining the city’s structural artifacts
    • Hatty took her to the Core of the city which is powered by an orb of pure chaos
    • Attuning the Heart of the Wyld to the Orb, Freya was able to stabilize the city’s power source
    • Freya also discovered that the orb’s diminishing power was why the outer district of the city had to be closed down
  • Hatty was, of course, way psyched and took Freya to see Prince Ryjin Najjar and tell him the city had been repaired
  • Ryjin was troubled with a problem of his own, one of his Demon Swords had recently been murdered
    • Freya began her investigation and questioned all of the Demon Swords individually
    • Galvan summoned a Gethin demon to determine what had happened and Freya was able to piece together that the murder was committed by a possessed human
    • Using Essence Sight, Freya quickly determined that the murderer was a young girl who had failed to become a Demon Sword but somehow learned how to summon Demons regardless
    • The suspect openly attacked the Prince and his Demon Swords when confronted and had to be put down
    • In gratitude for her aid, Ryjin gifted Freya with the Demon Sword of the murdered Guard, a Cutman
  • Ryjin took her to meet his brother, King Granger Najjar who personally thanked her for her help
    • He granted Galvan permission to summon demons in the city
    • He granted them both access to the summoning Artifacts and expansive city library
    • He gifted an impressive Villa to Freya for her assistance in repairing the City
  • The spirit of the city, Kali, was curious the group and went with Freya to retrieve the Black Sun Prince and take him to meet Oralie Gates, a Sijan representative in the city
    • Oralie was able to answer some of their questions and explained in detail the relationship between the Neverborn, Deathlords, Death Knights and the Dual Monarchy
  • Afterward Freya tracked down Tranquil Directive Tempest who was in the city investigating the Spirit incursion
    • Tempest revealed he helped Freya escape the Realm and was regretful he couldn’t help more
    • He taught her a few additional languages: Rock Tongue and High Holy Speech
    • He enlightened Galvan
    • He revealed that her Lunar was currently on his way to her
    • Tempest mentioned he needed a safe base to send newly Exalted Solars and set up a training camp, Freya offered the old Redoubt which he happily accepted

Session 2 – Escape from Black Rock Castle

  • Freya and Cas fought off zombies at the beach
    • Galvan finished off most of the beach party with a well placed spell that the Solars bought him enough time to spool up
    • The zombies were infected with some kind of super virus that was rapidly spreading and infecting the town guard
    • A few guards were caught in the crossfire
  • After the incident, Galvan was taken into custody and brought to trial for the murder of the guards that had not yet been turned and on suspicions of criminal activity in the city
    • Galvan managed to acquit himself of the charges via his testimony
    • Eirik took Freya’s place to testify
    • Zale managed to find a strange legal precedence that let him challenge slavery in the city which was found unlawful, thus dropping the previous charges of criminal activity for Galvan
  • The crew set sail for Onyx shortly thereafter
    • Cas snuck herself and Freya into Black Rock Fortress to find her brother
    • They found Dev inside a giant black sarcophagus but he had been changed
    • He emerged the Black Sun Prince and helped the Solars fight off War Ghosts that were patrolling the ground
    • Cas used the Essence of Bottled Lightning to steal the sarcophagus
  • After leaving, the Solars honored their bargain with Zale and went with him to an underground First Age Ruin
    • The group had a brief encounter with a sea monster before coming across an ancient Redoubt
    • After exploring the grounds, they found that the Redoubt was made up of 4 Manses and the environment was being maintained by 4 Hearthstones
    • The group also found a First Age airship, the Silver Ray, that Freya was able to repair by building replacement parts for
  • The group temporarily relocated into the redoubt so Freya could repair the manses and they could recoup before heading to Dominante to try and find a Sijanese specialist to help Black Sun Prince

Session 1 – The Summer Solstice Festival

  • Freya Taj arrived with two other members of the Tya, Iron Saika and Saber Lotus as Guard relief for the Summer Swell Solstice, a festival honoring the Storm Mother.
  • Casiana Talin arrived after receiving word that her brother was behind held on the southern most tip of Onyx, looking for transportation into the dangerous Shadowland
  • Casiana bumped into Eirik Shar in the street which triggered a vision from per past life
    *Eirik left her at a Tea House after she blacked out and tipped off Freya to the unconscious girl and mentioned something in the southern market she would want to see later.
  • The two ventured into the market and encountered Lorelei Shechter, one of the most prominent slave traders in the region.
  • After hatching a plan with Eirik, Casiana broke into the basement of Lorelei’s villa and stole her holdings then purchased and freed all of her slaves.
  • With their new proceeds, the two Solars went looking for bodyguards to help manage their new windfall and encountered Captain Zale Lazaro’ of the Skimmer Tyrant and his first mate, Galvan Kennett.
  • After contracting their services, the two prepared and waited until the evening to strike: Freya summoned a powerful Water Elemental to attack the Villa shortly after Casiana stole back the money. While the elemental laid siege to the basement, Casiana and Eirik ambushed Lorelei and killed her in her own Villa.
  • Eirik, now disguised as Lorelei, and Casiana then left the Villa together.
  • The following day, everyone went to the Festival to partake in the festivities:
    • They purchased talismans from Mauricio Kuenzil, a powerful shaman.
    • Hanzel Mocroft, a God-Blooded exotic animal breeder, gifted them with an Water-Elemental-Blooded Wolf and a powerful Raiton.
    • Lastly both of the Solars tried their hand at a game of skill with Sigereth and won, acquiring a Charm each from the powerful demon.
  • On their way back to the Villa after the evening festivities concluded, the down Watch bell alarm went off alerting the city to some kind of approaching danger.

Solar (Mortal) Experience

How do I earn it?

There are two opportunities for Expression XP in Exalted, the first is Expression Bonus and the second is Role bonus. They’re each worth two and you can only qualify for one instance of each in a single game, for a total of 4 Solar/Mortal XP.

Expression Bonus

  • Expressing, supporting, or engaging a Major or Defining Intimacy in such a way that it reveals something about the character, develops the character’s personality, or provides a character moment that everyone at the table enjoys.
  • Being significantly challenged, endangered, or harmed in the course of protecting or upholding a Major or Defining
  • Being significantly impeded, endangered, or harmed by a Flaw.

Role Bonus

  • Intentionally ceding the ‘spotlight’ of the scene’s focus to another player’s character in such a way that it makes that
    character shine in the role of their Caste, or directly supporting them in a cool and dramatic expression of their Caste’s function.
  • Twilight Castes: Learning lost lore of the First Age or similarly valuable knowledge, learning something that helps advance or protect a Major or Defining Intimacy, discovering a supernatural being’s mystic secrets (such as a ghost’s lingering passions, the obsession that drives a demon’s nature, or an ancient oath that still binds one of the Fair Folk), solving a significant problem or crisis through the application of knowledge or through education, or creating a lasting and meaningful work of mystical power in the world (such as forging a sorcerous working or artifact, or binding a demon to protect a valley until the end of the age).
  • Night Castes: Removing a major impediment to the character’s or Circle’s goals through assassination, blackmail,
    or other underhanded means; stealing something that directly furthers the character’s or Circle’s goals; gaining a significant advantage over a dangerous enemy through infiltration or stealth; upholding or protecting a Major or Defining Principle through “criminal” means (larcenous association, robbery, poisoning, and so forth).

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