Mass Combat Rules


Size0-5attack pools, raw damage, soak, magnitude
DrillPoor, Average, Eliterally, defense, rout, command rolls
Might0-3accuracy, damage, defense

Size Modifiers

  • Size: Add Size to attack rolls, damage rolls, magnitude, and soak

Drill Modifiers

  • Poor: -2 order / rally for numbers, Rout difficulty +1
  • Average: +1 Defense
  • Elite: +2 Command, +2 Defense

Might Modifiers

  • Might 0: No modifiers
  • Might 1: +1 accuracy, +1 damage, +1 defense
  • Might 2: +2 accuracy, +2 damage, +1 defense
  • Might 3: +3 accuracy, +3 damage, +2 defense

Battle Group Basics


  • Battle Groups only make Withering attacks, initiative damage in a crashed target is applied directly to damage.
  • Battle Groups do not gain initiative on a successful attack.
  • Battle Groups take initiative damage to their magnitude.
  • Battle Groups do not get double 10s on damage

Area Attacks

  • Battle Groups make one attack and apply it against everyone it’s engaged with (melee) or everyone within close range of the target (ranged)

Damaging Battle Groups

  • Attacks on Battle Groups damage their Magnitude and bestow 1i
  • Decisive attacks against battle groups inflict 1 additional damage / 4 dice rolled
  • Causing a Battle Group to lose 1 Size gives the attacker an Initiative Break bonus (as per sending an opponent into Crash)
  • Battle Groups must check for Rout when their Magnitude is filled up and they lose a Size (roll average willpower)
    • Failing this roll causes dissolution on the following turn

Command Actions

  • Order
    • (Charisma/Appearance/Intelligence + War), difficulty 1
    • Order actions determine what the group will do and adds successes to the die pool of that action
  • Rally
    • (Charisma/Appearance + War), difficulty of the failed Rout check
    • Can be taken after failed Rout check but before dissolution, allowing the army to stay together
  • Rally for Numbers
    • (Charisma/Appearance + War), difficulty 1
    • Every 2 successes restore 1 point of Magnitude (cannot restore Size)
    • Can only be done once per battle, but losing size resets this limit

Odds and Ends

  • Moving through a Battle Group costs 1i per turn
  • Battle Groups don’t need to take disengage actions to move away from opponents 2 or more Sizes smaller
  • Fleeing battle groups can be subject to one slaughter attack (-3 Defense)

Battle Group Derived Traits

Base StatsUse the average of all soldiers present
MagnitudeAverage Health Levels + Current Size

Strategic Conflict

Opposed (Intelligence + War), select a stratagem:

Back to the Sea1no withdraw actions, rally for numbers requires 3 succ / point of magnitude
Strategic Placement1the winner chooses the terrain for the battle
Demoralized2-1 on rout and command checks
Fortifications2opposing force begins at long range, treats terrain as difficult
Ambush33 rounds of surprise attacks
Pincer Attack2-1 onslaught for the entire battle

Mass Combat Rules

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