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Stacking Bonuses

Just to clarify, bonuses from the same source do not stack. Some Charms give non-Charm dice which mean they don’t count against the usual cap of dice that Charms can give. That’s typically (Attribute + Ability) (rolled actions), or half that for successes (static values). Artifact dice are dice granted by artifacts, of which only the highest bonus dice apply.

Training Times
  • These are dumb, we’re not using them.
  • Your Supernal Ability can be from your Caste or Favored ability
  • Each dot in Language (Merit 1) grants you the higher of your Intelligence or Linguistics in languages
  • Artifacts now have an attunement cost equal to their Rating.
The Wyld
Supernatural Merits
  • Supernatural Merits are finished and available for purchase
    • Most of the Merits thus far are just “super” versions of mundane Merits
    • As with all content released after the game begins, you can freely re-spec your character to purchase supernatural merits.
    • Feel free to use xp you’ve accumulated so far in game to purchase these merits.

XP Cost Changes

AttributeRating x 4MeritsRating x 2
Non-Caste/Favored AbilityRating x 2Caste/Favored AbilityRating x 2 - 1
New Ability3Specialty3
Willpower8New Evocation6
Solar Charm6Favored Solar Charm4
Martial Arts Charm6Favored Martial Arts Charm4
Spell6Occult Favored Spell4

Bonus Point Cost Changes

Attribute4MeritsRating x 1
Non-Caste/Favored Ability/Specialty2Caste/Favored Ability/Specialty1
Willpower2New Evocation3
Solar Charm3Favored Solar Charm2
Martial Arts Charm3Favored Martial Arts Charm2
Spell3Occult Favored Spell2

House Rules Suggestions Below This Line

  • make XP earned from adventure logs bonus points not regular XP!
    • Done, from Game 3 on Adventure Logs will be worth BP instead of XP

House Rules

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