Cas Origins

Casiana’s ORIGINS


  • Limit Trigger
    • The Solar is faced with the opportunity to advance his own cause by harming an innocent or ignoring one’s suffering.
  • Back Story
    • Casiana and her older brother, Deverick, were orphaned early in their lives and fell in to the begrudging care of their merchant uncle, Cainan, in the city of Brightwork. Cainan was a man uninterested in much outside of his profit margin and resented inheriting his sister’s children, especially his niece. He could at least apprentice his nephew and put him to work, but the girl was practically useless as she refused to fulfill the traditional womanly role dealt to her. House-keeping held no appeal for Casiana, hating to be cooped up indoors she much preferred tailing along after her big brother like a shadow, welcome or not.
    • Early one day when Casiana was running an errand for their cook she took a short cut down a lonely back alley, a couple of visiting sailors found her there. She didn’t even know they had made her pregnant until she miscarried the child. Her uncle was inconsolable, all his money wasted staving off the death of a niece who he would never be able to marry off. She hadn’t been a teen for more than a couple of months.
    • When she was 16 a “friend” of her uncle’s, a well-connected member of the Guild, came to stay with them for a time. She overheard the two discussing her relative “worth” to her uncle and what would be a fair price to take her off of his hands. Knowing Cainan’s friend to be a slaver, Casiana had little doubt as to what use an individual would have for a slender, delicately featured, slave and went to her brother for help.
    • Deverick had been feeling extra protective after what had happened a few years prior, in particular he was angry with his uncle’s reaction to the entire situation and had been chafing under his protection ever since. So when Dev helped his sister sneak on to one of Cainan’s large merchant vessels shortly before it left the dock, stowing her snugly in the cargo hold, he hid with her.
    • Unfortunately, that was as far as their luck held out. The ship was torn apart in a particularly violent storm, which seemed to come from out of nowhere. Casiana lost track of her brother in the chaos. She herself would probably not have survived if not for her Exaltation occurring while she clung to a remnant of the ship, surrounded by nothing but ocean as far as the eye could see. The blessing of the Unconquered Sun seemed to signal the end of the long stormy night, sweeping away the last dusky hues of dawn quite literally, but otherwise Casiana’s exaltation was accompanied by very little fanfare and even fewer witnesses.
    • Washing ashore in the lowest, dirtiest, part of Wu-Jian she quickly learned how to survive on her own. She is uncomfortable drawing any attention to herself, but she is disgusted by the living conditions, and treatment, most of the residents of the city endure. Casiana has quietly improved life for many of the residents of the lower neighborhoods in the brief time she has spent there (all Robin Hood-esque). As far as she knows no one is aware that they have her to thank for that and she would like to keep it that way.
    • Currently she is concocting an exit strategy for leaving Wu-Jian.
  • Details/Quirks
    • Goes by Cas now, as it is more gender neutral than her full given name.
    • Current Age: 18, Hair color: Light grey, Eyes: Dark blueish grey reflect gold when light hits them. Height: 5’4”, Weight: 116lbs.
    • Usually ties her hair back and dresses to look like a boy. Not too dirty, but not too clean.
    • Still holds out hope that her brother survived. Plans to find him some day.
    • Distantly descended from one of the many storm gods, so long ago that it doesn’t effect anything outside of family members coloration. They almost all trend toward hair in varying shades of grey and stormy eyes. Any babes born into the family who don’t bear their distinctive coloration are suspected of being bastards.
    • Has a soft spot for kids, orphans, anyone who finds themselves alone, family-less. Also, finds it difficult not to help people who are starving and thirsty.
    • Doesn’t like killing, but sees it as a necessary evil on occasion.
    • Enjoys hearing travelers stories about other places in the world. Wonders if life is better elsewhere and what that would be like.
  • Behavior/Vocal Cues
    • Quiet energy
    • A pragmatist, will do what needs to be done no matter how distasteful she finds it.
    • Even though she is a realist she can’t help dreaming about what could be. Very curious about the world as well as the people in it.
    • Sarcastic (emotional defense)
    • Independent and capable, but lonely.
    • Uncomfortable when receiving much attention, happiest “behind-the-scenes”
    • Boyish when in public, more feminine (verging on ladylike) in private with those she trusts.


Cas Origins

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