Champions of the Sun

Missive to the Maiden #1

Most esteemed Maiden Jupiter,

In these uncertain times, when the Solars are hunted, I fear there isn’t many confidants that a Twilight can have and be assured that their secrets will remain just that…secrets. I have great respect for the Maidens and their purviews and trust that my confidence in you isn’t unfounded. I wish no intercedence or assistance from you, I simply hope to catalogue my endeavors as so many Twilight before me have. I hope that one day, when my Exaltation begins anew, that my collection of writings might one day find their way to my reincarnated soul. If and when that soul is ready for my words, well, I’ll leave that decision to your infinite wisdom.

I arrived with my fellow Tya, Iron Saika and Saber Lotus, for the Summer Swell Solstice. It’s a tradition among the Tya to offer themselves up as mercenaries during the festival in part to appease and honor the Storm Mother, but also to earn a few extra pieces of Jade. Upon arriving I intended to assist the Tya working after a brief look through the festival since I’d never been before. Honestly, I haven’t been around others, aside from the Tya, in about 6 months. The solitude and commrodery they’ve provided have truly helped heal the wounds the Realm left behind. While glancing around I noticed an unusual figure…he commented on my falcon armor and we bantered for a bit. He was pleasant conversation and I enjoyed the teasing manner in which he addressed me. It wasn’t the condescending way in with the Dragon Blooded speak, no, his manner spoke of confidence and ironically, some gentleness. And for some reason I found myself at ease with him. He caught me off guard when he told me I would be interested in the woman he had left in the tea house, one he thought was poisoned. I could tell he was no longer joking or teasing and now began to wonder if he wasn’t a more nefarious figure than I’d realized. And as he was striding off he mentioned I’d be interested in something in the western part of the city.

I made my way to the tea house to find another Solar passed out, presumably poisoned by what the man in black had told me…and I began to wonder if he himself had poisoned her and now simply felt guilty. Although he had paid a worker of the tea house to watch her. Knowing she could be spotted and would be in danger if anyone else saw her for what she was I carried her off to a remote area in the city and stood guard until she woke. We had brief words and I was able to learn that the boy was a Night Caste, though I would later learn that the “boy” Cas was simply clever with disguise and was in fact a boy. Quite the disguise really, a testimate to her capability. Cas and I went for tea and shared a few brief stories, I divulged that the man in black had told me something would be interesting at a certain location in the city in about an hour. Cas agreed to go, her curiosity peaked as well, and we ventured to the location the man had mentioned. Cas also assured me that my suspicions were wrong and that the man in black hadn’t poisoned her, but rather that she’d had a vision from a past life. She seemed interested in the Lore behind that and I find myself looking forward to conversing with another Solar about our shared history. It would be nice to discuss our heritage without the Dragon’s tainted view.

Cas and I arrived at the location the man in black had given me and once Cas pointed him out I could see him in the crowd. He stood out in the way that he didn’t stand out. He blended too well and if not for Cas’ keen eyes I wouldn’t have spotted him. I whistled a bird call and with a smirk he walked in our direction. Turned out that the festival also houses a large slave market every year. I know slavery is legal in the West…but being with the Tya’s I hadn’t encountered it outside the Realm yet. Almost instantly I knew I was going to have to abandon the Tya’s as I had no intention of letting the “market” go unchecked. Truly the first time I’ve felt I was strong enough to stand against the wrong in creation…and my loyalty to the Tya couldn’t supress that need that burned hot like the Sun in my veins. We spoke with the man in black, who told us his name was Eirik, and developed a plan. He revealed that he was a Lunar, while not a shock given my feeling of ease around him, it was a pleasant surprise. I’ve read much about Lunar’s, but have not met one before. It was truly an honor…and from the “vision” Cas mentioned of her past life and the looks floating between the two of them I knew fate had worked some destiny bringing the two of them together. It was most interesting my Maiden seeing the loom at work and I thank you for the opportunity to watch the fates bring their exaltations together and for placing me in the city precisly at the right time to stop the slave market.

Cas and I were tasked with buying the slaves prior to Eirik’s plan to kill the slaver lady. Cas skillfully performed the heist from under the guards very noses and emerged with four resources worth of Jade tablets…from my viewpoint I could even see the guards assist her in carrying the loot out of the courtyard. Honestly, it was rather humorus to watch. After we were back at the villa that Cas rented she examined the Jade and told me that the serial numbers on the tablets would give us away. I asked that she trust me and dump the money in the ocean, which she did. I had the water elemental I summoned earlier (for our distraction) help me haul it further down and then ripped a tear into the Wyld. I used my shaping ability to reforge and restamp the tablets. We then realized we’d need someone strong to help carry the loot to buy the slaves as well as some body guards as we were carrying a small fortune.

I was able to locate some capable looking individuals from the dock. One proved to be a water aspect, but we did need “capable” and the Dragon Blood would serve his purpose. Eirik asked that I lure a guard away from the villa and not to kill him, I did as he requested, but watching the Lunar eat his victim’s heart…something I’ve read much on….was horrifying. I had told myself they were slavers and deserved to die, but as the Eirik ripped the man’s heart out I realized that my hatred for slavery had just murdered this man. A man who was likely a slave himself and being forced to be a guard. Aside from that shock, everything went according to plan and while the elemental laid siege to the basement, Cas and Eirik ambushed the slaver and killed her in her own Villa. They left, Jade tablets in tow, and we skipped away from a successful endeavor.

The Dragon Blooded and his 1st Mate, Galvan, got noodles with us and chatted. Turns out Galvan is quite the sorcerer for a human and with Cas needing to go to Onyx a ride on their ship, especially with a water aspect, is looking like her best bet. I always knew the Tya weren’t forever, and being able to travel with another Solar and possibly a Lunar as well is certainly an ideal situation for me. There are strength in numbers during these dangerous times. But…I had to confirm that the women on the DB’s ship weren’t hostages and demanded that Galvan tell me the secret. He relented and we went back to the ship. Turns out he summoned 1st circle demons to be the crew. Quite the feat for a human, I was rather impressed. Galvan was a bit leery of showing me and very worried about what I’d say. I definitely understand his worry over being ridiculed, as I myself have been in that position for many years courtesy of the Realm, so I showed him I’m a Twilight and that I understood what he was doing. He was relieved and we developed a friendly raporte. He even offered to help with the removal of my Tya tattoos, which I accepted.

Galvan and I returned to the villa and discussed Onyx and traveling with Zale and Galvan for a bit. Everyone seemed to agree. I asked the Eirik to slit my tattoos off and Galvan suggested Bright Morning so it wouldn’t hurt. After successfully removing my tattoos and Galvan summoning a bottle bug to heal me I drifted off for the night.

In the morning the group visited the the festival and restocked the ship. We ran into a thaumaturgist and bought talismans from him, I’m very excited to examine them further. We also visited a Godblooded who gave Eirik a Raiton and Cas a water elemental infused wolf. He offered up a gift to us for gracing his city, but none of the animals called to me so I thanked him and we moved on.

We had almost wrapped up the day when we ran across a strange little girl with a game board wanting to challenge us to a game. She offered to play for stakes…a charm or spell….and I was too curious to pass the opportunity. She let me choose the rules and we played a game of essence fueled Gateway. My Lore charms helped me to secure the win and I was awarded a charm. After, once Cas was already playing her, I learned it was actually a demon of the second circle, Sigereth. He told me to summon him again when I was more powerful and although he is a blight on creation as the rest of his kind are…I cannot help but be curious and wonder what information could be gleamed by conversing with him.

Missive to the Maiden #2

Most esteemed Maiden Jupiter,

I already have so many interesting things to ponder in just the short amount of time I’ve been accompanying the other Exalts, this was certainly the right decision to travel with them.

We fought off an undead attack on the city and our human friend, Galvan managed to use sorcery to save the city. The response? Why his arrest of course. Because humans fear what they cannot understand. Naturally Cas, myself and Zale planned to defend him, Zale expressed a desire for caution as if we acted rashly we could ruin his reputation. Profits…his friend’s life was on the line and the Dragon Blooded was concerned with profits. I was fully prepared to level the opposition, retrieve Galvan and leave the city….but I didn’t give Zale enough credit. Turns out he’s a bit craftier than I’d realized. Galvan was taken to court and somehow Zale managed to not just clear his friend’s name, but also end slavery in the city. A surprising move…one I was rather shocked he risked given my assessment of his concern for profits. I thought I’d given him a fair shake…apparently not. He certainly has my respect now.

After the trial, and some appropriate celebrations, Cas and I traveled to Onyx to look for signs of her brother…what we found was not expected. A different kind of Exalt…a reflection of the Solars. A fascinating puzzle.

Cas and I made our way through Black Rock Castle and discovered that her brother Deverick was locked in a soul steal sarcophagus that had somehow altered his Exaltation. Dev woke while we were fighting a war ghost and Deverick was, at least at one point, a Dawn caste. Regardless of the change that he’d underwent, his loyalties obviously still laid with his sister as he helped us defeat the war ghost before we fled from the castle. I couldn’t leave the massive soulsteel artifact behind and tried to come up with a way for us to take it with us. Apparently, Cas has a unique little ability…and she was able to shrink the massive artifact down to the size of a large spike, letting Dev wield it. Now, if I can only convince him to let me study the item….

As promised, we set sail with Zale to investigate the underwater area he’s determined to be a ruin. And Jupiter, I’m so glad we did. If the new Exalted type wasn’t enough to keep me occupied for the next few months, the treasures that awaited us certainly will.

After a brief encounter with the local fauna…which Cas’ lunar is quite the combatant, we made our way into a city that had mostly survived the time. Manses and hearthstones have kept the city in tact, mundane items littering it’s chambers speaking to the first age residents…and left behind…a first age air ship. This was beyond a fortunate find and makes me question what Sidereal is looking out for us. If that was your agent, I thank you.

After some Wyld shaping and repairs we have the ship functional again and I bargained with Zale for part ownership since I crafted the parts it needed to work again. He will certainly remain the Captain, he is a water aspect after all, but just saying that I own a stake in a first age air ship…I cannot express the wonder I feel. Truly the first time since my Exaltation since I’ve felt blessed. Perhaps the old proverbs about withstanding turbulation reveals great things isn’t completely inaccurate.

We’ve talked it over as a group and intend to stay the time needed to get the city functioning again, that way it can act as a port and repair dock for our new ship.

And aside from all that, perhaps the largest secret I can share…I recalled a Cache Egg from a previous incarnation…and within…the secrets to the seals of Autocathon. Jupiter…I know how to open 8 of the 9 seals.

Tome of a Twilight, Volume I, Page 1

Crafting Notes
~ finished capping the four manses in the underwater city, must remember to name the place
~ capped the air manse first to ensure the manse would have air for everyone to breath
~ started my first set of moonsilver armor, hope to finish that and then start on silken armor for Eirik
~ also plan to craft a set of wings for Tempest
~ need to dissect Red Typhoon and see if maybe I can repeat the creation steps on perhaps an elemental instead of a demon
~ plan to also fortify the underwater stronghold with a few more demanses and then manses….maybe getting the group a few hearthstones?

Travel Notes
While crafting in the underwater city, during recoup breaks to rest and regain my essence, I chatted with Deverick…not that I’d call him that to his face, but the name still suits him, and I find him to be agreeable despite the darkness to his essence. He’s also stated that he wants to overcome this…situation. And I find that honorable. He’s agreed to let me study the sarcophagus and perhaps I’ll find a way to help him.

I also had a brief conversation with Eirik, I wanted to know more about Lunars. The books that I’d read about them in the realm weren’t exactly accurate or….well, favorable. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always thought so highly of Lunars. The enemy of my enemy so to speak. I guess I felt like they were noble and if the corrupt, decadent and malicious Dragon Bloods didn’t like them, that they were exactly the kind of people I wanted to be around. And honestly, after talking to Eirik I’ve only confirmed that notion. He was pleasant speaking company and I felt more relaxed in talking with him than I have with anyone in a very very long time. He was helpful and gave me lots of information about Lunars. Although the more I hear the more I’m convinced that my Lunar, should I ever find him/her, will be disappointed in who they meet. I am after all a fey blood….I understand the Lunars and their stewardship over creation better now…and I can’t imagine that won’t be a problem or at least a serious disappointment. Perhaps meeting my Lunar can wait until I have something more worthy to show them. Regardless, all the talks of the Solar Lunar bond had me asking a few questions of Eirik and Cas…they haven’t spoken much from what I can tell and I’m wondering now if I had been mistaken in my first suspicion that they were bound. But Eirik confirmed that Cas had indeed had visions of them, or so they thought, but he seemed rather reluctant of the idea…or rather of Solar mental influence. He doesn’t want to be manipulated, but at the same time he wants someone who would fight for him using all the means at their disposal…I explained how that was completely contradictory and that perhaps the issue was that neither of them were trying. I suppose I may have been a bit to forthright with my opinion, but honestly I can’t help but be jealous…they found one another and they seem as though it doesn’t matter. I’ll never admit it, but in the Realm, in the dungeon…in that…cell that they put me in, I would dream about my Lunar ripping apart the stone walls and carrying me somewhere far away from the torture.

A couple days into working on the underwater city and Eirik and Cas have gone missing. I’m hoping that it’s because of the conversation Eirik and I had, hoping their working on things. And Zale commented that’s what Night castes do, they randomly venture off, it’s in their nature. I suppose he’s right, but I’m close to finishing the crafting here and still a bit worried. We’ve decided if they don’t make it back in time we’ll still head to Dominante for Dev and if they don’t catch up with us there then we’ll head back to the manses and wait a bit.

The trip to Dominante only lasted about half a day with the speed that the Silver Ray can achieve. Riding in it was nothing short of wonderous. But I did take that time to also work on beginning my studies of Dev’s artifact. Unfortunately, it didn’t go well and I was nearly speared, thankfully Dev used some “call the blade” magic and prevented that, instead being injured himself. No one will be able to convince me that the darkness has reached his heart.

Dominante proved to be even more spectacular than Brightworks. The whole city is done on a series of canals and from my studies I know that it used to be more regulated by manses….but viewing the “disrepair” …honestly it’s rather a work of art, I can’t imagine fixing or restoring these manses to remove this gem from creation. This “channel city” is a testimate to the people in the age of sorrows and their tenacity to build beautiful things from ruins. I’m simply in awe of them.

I ran into the chief engineer for the city as well and she mentioned she was too busy to assist us, I offered to help her, and she mentioned I likely couldn’t…needless to say my interest was peaked and I convinced her to tell me what was amiss. Turns out the city is run by a chaos orb that had fallen into disrepair and was going to collapse soon. If there was any doubt about my heritage, well…that was put to rest as I walked straight into the chaos, steadied it’s pulse to my own heart and stabilized the orb. My favor to them granted me an audience to one of the city’s princes and I explained Dev’s issue, since we had to leave him at the city gates…seems they have a “no creatures of darkness” rule…although, did I mention demon blades. They’re quite lovely. Anyway, the Prince saw fit to negotiate my help with a sensitive matter in exchange for help with Dev. I agreed and was told to investigate a murder. Not exactly what I had expected. But regardless, the magic I possess to read someone true intent proved useful and we put the matter to rest with relative ease. I also offered to help them with a “spirit issue” they’ve been having and I inquired about buying perhaps a house in their city. It would be nice to have a place to come back to. A place to say I’m from instead of the Realm. The King himself awarded me a small estate in the city for my assistance and I’m rather giddy over the whole adventure here in Dominante. Although I can’t wait to see our next stop, Lookshy, I’m already regretting leaving Dominante just a bit. In addition, I was awarded a demon blade of my own. I had negotiated to inspect one of the artifacts, but the king saw fit to bestow one on me instead. I imagine they’re trying to ensure I’ll return when the chaos orb needs more maintenance, but I don’t intend on leaving them wanting. I’m going to make brackets, a housing of sorts, for the orb…an artifact that will maintain the orb’s integrity even if I can’t be here.

In addition, Galvan, who’s accompanied me on my trip in the city was granted the right to summon demons in the city and we were both granted access to the city library…which I’m thrilled about and now I need to learn some magic surrounding my reading speed……

To top it off I got to meet the city’s spirit, Kali. A lovely and rather powerful spirit who was fascinating to talk with, she even provided us detailed information on the Sijan and where we could find her. The Sijan was able to give us some insight on Neverborn, Deathlords, Death Knights and the Dual Monarchy…which will hopefully aid me in my studies of Dev’s artifact.

The only things that remained were to aid Hally, the chief engineer, with her medical needs and then to speak with the spirit. But a gentlemen in the crowd from earlier had caught my eye, he somehow recognized me…and about the same time I had a vision. Of a Solar and a Lunar posing for a portrait. The Lunar was large and imposing and the solar was essentric, I felt it instantly …that it was a memory.

But if this man in the crowd was my Lunar why didn’t he approach me? If he recognized me, why wouldn’t he seek me out. So I tracked him down. And although the man wasn’t my Lunar, he was an interesting find. A Sidereal. Turns out he was actually the reason worse things didn’t befall me in the Realm and why I made it out at all, for which, I owe him an immense debt. I was also able to get a fair amount of intel from the man…he even revealed that he was my (and my lunar’s) friend in the first age and that he also knew my Lunar in this age. I attempted to get more information from him, but he was tight lipped much to my annoyance, though he taught me Rock Tongue and High Holy Speech. In addition, he enlightened Galvin…. which got him back in my graces…damn Sidereals, always one step ahead. Although I don’t mind and already think of this man as a friend. I suppose it would be hard not to with his aid while I was in the Realm. Tempest did tell me that my Lunar was on his way to me…and after my conversation with Eirik find I’m a bit conflicted about this. Perhaps I should try and elude him until I have more proof that the fey blood in my veins doesn’t control me? In addition, I also gave Tempest the coordinates to our underwater stronghold, he said he needed someplace safe and hidden for new Solars…how could I refuse.

Tome of a Twilight, Volume I, Page 2

Crafting Notes

  • finished Lunar armor
  • finished an essence cannon for our ship
  • took care of Hatty

Thoughts & Events
I had thought about sending another letter to Jupiter about the last few days, I know she gets my letters now, but I actually think I want this one to be just for me….

Cas and Eirik arrived in Dominante via a Malfeas portal. Prince Ryjin Najjar was there to intercept them. Although they’re my friends, and of course I was worried for them, it was nice that Ryjin came to make sure I was safe. I suppose that’s his job, but all the same…no one has ever done that for me before. It was a nice feeling. I’ll need to give him my thanks next time I see him.

Turns out Cas and Erik didn’t leave on a romantic trist, but rather Cas was pulled into Malfeas. I got details from Cas and Eirik and it seemed to me that somehow the Demons have a connection with her. I offered up the idea that perhaps her last incarnation had some arrangement with them, but they both assured me that wasn’t the case. Perhaps they’ve remembered more of their past lives? I’ve still only had the one vision and admit I’m a bit jealous Lyteck didn’t leave me more. I know he has his reasons though and I won’t question him. The vision of my Lunar was enough, even if that’s all I get.

We put the mystery of why Cas and Eirik vanished on the table for now while we attended the spirit that’s been “harassing” the city. After speaking with him it was clear there was a reason he needed the additional prayers, but he refused to tell us why. Eirik noticed that he was injured and told me, I was able to heal the Spirit and he politely said that had been why he needed essence and then left. Once I’d healed him, his reluctance/wariness of me shifted. I wonder if he wasn’t betrayed by a Solar in the first age. A true shame. The more stories I hear of people that were wronged by the Solars…the more I think that perhaps there was some valid thinking to the usurpation. That isn’t a popular opinion, especially among Solars, so I think I’ll keep that to myself for now. I’m wondering what could have changed the champions of the sun into beings that the people of creation feared and hated.

After speaking with and helping the spirit and Hatty, Tempest gave us a little push towards Lookshy. We arrived there within 24 hours to find the city under siege by an undead army…and an Abyssal….with a Soul Crusher Orb. Zale piloted the ship through the arial attackers while The Black Sun Prince fired the essence cannon I made; and Cas and I dropped down to see to the Abyssal and the Orb. I’m hoping I don’t have to resort to pulling the Orb into the Wyld with me, but if I do…I will…I can’t let it destroy all of Lookshy. Thankfully Cas is a crackshot with her bow, and was able to dispel as large portion of the undead army blocking us from getting to the Abyssal and the Orb. She also came to stand by me…again, not something I’m used to. Even when I was human the Realm was full of people who were weary and honestly, rather hated me. Having this sense of companionship….let’s just say I’m glad we’re trying to add to our circle, I find I like having friends.

The Abyssal finished with the Orb before Cas and I were able to get to him and after vanishing into the ground I could see that the Orb had been activated, a timer set to detonate. It was too late. But a Moonsilver Warstrider landed on the army, crushing them and holding them off so I could get to the Orb. The Warstrider pilot used telepathy…was this my lunar? After making sure we were able to handle the Orb and the rest of the ground troops he jumped off to tackle the arial fight currently underway. A high breeding Dragon Blood, his troops and a Dawn caste approached us. They recognized the Orb for what it was and thanked me for diffusing it by bowing. I know Cas hates attention so I didn’t call out that without her I would never have gotten to the Orb. It seems that even out here this far in the West, even at Lookshy, they don’t understand the meaning of teamwork. For surely their city would be in ruins if it hadn’t been for my circle.

Once the battle was over our crew joined us accompanied by an obviously barbarian Lunar. He introduced himself as the Twice Forged Lok and said he’d been tracking me for 8 months. He obviously looks as though he fits into the Lunar “steward of creation” role and I was quite sure once he found out what I was he’d be disappointed or simply leave altogether. He told us though that he’d had to track down my family history to attempt to find me…which included learning about my real father—who he confirmed to be a powerful Raksha living in the West. Lok looked…unphased…by my background. Perhaps he’s had time to come to terms with his Solar being part Fey?

The Dawn caste, Broderick, and I healed his troops until I was out of essence and then he suggested we attune to his manse and sleep there. That was a welcome idea and we agreed to meet up with everyone there. Broderick invited us to the festivities the next day…a funeral ceremony so to speak for the fallen soldiers followed by a celebration of victory. We agreed to attend.

An Unclaimed Note 1
burnt in a stranger's hearth fire

I’ve only ever had myself and my brother to rely upon and now I can’t even trust myself. I refuse to believe that my current self is the same as my past. I won’t let it be. That asshole practically told me not to tell anyone, an idea unknowingly seconded by the summoner when he voiced the opinion that anyone with this particular inheritance would not be allowed their freedom… That they could not be trusted, tainted by their previous incarnation, Everything that I have learned since I lost control has only reinforced my own instinct to keep things secret, but what if those instincts are wrong? I don’t know that I can place much faith in them any more, especially when they are seconded by him.

I have a feeling that the raiton knows, or at least suspects, more than he’s letting on. It felt like he was covering for me when we spoke with the crafter and I, I wasn’t even aware yet that I needed him to. I want to put my trust in him, he hasn’t given me any reason not to… Even getting hurt coming after me.

And the crafter, she seems more open-minded then most. She’s also shared her unusual history with us, it’s not the same but she would be sympathetic. She is also much more knowledgeable than I am about a great many things (though I’m trying to catch up as quickly as possible) and is in a unique position to offer valuable insight I couldn’t gain anywhere else. I just don’t think I should handle this alone, like I’ve handled everything else, it wouldn’t be safe for anyone. I refuse to let my past control me.

I’m unaccustomed to having this many people in my life who I can rely on, while I can’t quite bring myself to trust it, I want to value them accordingly.

Agreement with Lookshy
  • Freya Taj has ownership of the 27 airships and 54 warstriders she crafted for Lookshy
  • she will loan them exclusively to Lookshy for their use in defense of the city
  • Bronze Dragons Resolve will be in command of my legion
  • 15 success contract
Tome of a Twilight, Volume I, Page 3

Crafting Notes

  • made 81 artifacts for Lookshy, 27 airships, 54 warstriders
  • crafted 2 sets of the Solar/Lunar rings
  • made slayer khatars
  • crafted Royal warstrider + 2 weapons for Bronze Dragon
  • crafted two additional essence cannons for our ship
  • for the silver pact
    • one moonsilver royal warstrider
    • 5 medium moonsilver armors
    • 5 heavy moonsilver armors

      Daily Notes
  • I spoke with several Dragon Blooded about the crafting needs for Lookshy, they were surprisingly polite and appreciative…and, well…maybe Zale was right, maybe it’s just the realm I should hate, not the dragons themselves.
  • I was able to craft Lookshy a substantial amount of artifacts and in order to ensure they used The Bronze Dragon to his full extent offered to give them the artifacts that technically I owned in exchange for letting Broderick have command over them. I know they would have preferred the gift wholesale, but I can’t turn a blind eye to how inefficiently they were going to use them. Plus, well…it makes me feel slightly better that Lookshy would owe me a favor, say…if the Realm decided to attempt to capture me again.
  • And thankfully my Sidereal buddy sent us an Eclipse caste, Shae, who helped with the Lookshy contract, very thankful for that. I know the others are very leery of my starry advisor, but I can’t help but believe he’s on my side.
  • while all that was going on Cas had the genius idea to have Eirik root out any spies Lookshy might have, and he found quite a few….very scary, and I’m very glad she thought to have him look
  • I was also able to craft quite a few things for us while at Lookshy, due in no small part to the people’s prayers, and thankfully since I was crafting several things very much out of my power range Lookshy was there to offer essence cannon support for the Feys who pulled themselves from the wyld pocket I was using. And after all crafting was done I pulled the pocket into a demanse…something I think I’ll be doing from now on, making the pockets into demanses
  • I provided a pair of artifact rings to Cas if she wants to use them with Eirik and I made a pair for Lok and I. Who has stood faithfully by my side in the 7 days of crafting…poor guy, I know he was bored to tears, but he still stayed with me. Quite the task I imagine as I all but ignored him with how diligently I worked. I was even too tired at night to do anything more than snuggle against him in sleep. I’ve not really had any closeness to a person before and it’s rather soothing to have Lok with me. I planned a whole speech for when I let him see the rings, but he rather surprised me by simply taking the Orchalcum one and immediately putting it on his finger. He seemed humored by failed wooing attempt and wasn’t put off by my lack of experience with intimacy, hopefully he didn’t find the kiss we shared disappointing…I know it was far from that for me.
  • After the week of crafting we decided to take an extra day in the city to recoup since I was both physically and mentally exhausted from the constant crafting. We had more time to get to know Shae a bit and discovered that she’s on a quest to find her Lunar mate. I certainly hope we can help her with that as I know she was rather disheartened to see both Cas and I at peace with ours.
  • Cas discussed with Lok and I what really happened in Malfeas…turns out my hypothesis that Cas’ former self had a deal with the demons was spot on…Cas may not have known about it at the time, but Eirik did and admitted to covering the truth up. It seems that Lok held him at no fault for his actions since they were to protect his Solar and while I was rather unhappy with his deception I can’t fault him for his loyalty to Cas, to do so would be disrespectful to the Lunar culture…but I am going to be salty to him for a full 24 hours to make sure he knows I didn’t appreciate it.
  • Shae shared that she wants our help with the city of Rathess and we agreed, Lok mentioned we could see a member of the Silver Pact on our way and since I had some armor for them I readily agreed.
  • We met the Time Tempered Terrapin and the Obsidian Panther, who Shae seemed rather taken by. We had a pleasant dinner and learned that Rathess had been taken over by Fey. I suggested that Panther join us to make sure our group was more protected against the Fey and he was told by his Sifu Terrapin to do so. It seems, for whatever reason, that Panther wasn’t keen to join us of his own accord. Perhaps he has the same viewpoint on Solars as Eirik did? But as I can know see Eirik donning the Orchalcum ring I made I know his mind has been changed…and I can’t help but believe if Panther dislikes Solars that we can change his mind too…and with how Shae is watching him, hopefully we can change his mind soon.
An Unclaimed Note 2
torn and scattered like sand on the wind

This past fortnight it has been encouraging to see how a diverse group of people can actually work together. How are they able to function as a cohesive whole while still judging each person according to their individual merits? So, this is what life can be like outside of the West. I wonder if that holds true elsewhere or if Lookshy is just that special? I want to see the world even more now and discover the answer for myself.

We are currently en route to an ancient city of the dragon kings to fulfill a mission for our newly met kindred sun. I confess to a great curiosity about her home city, some day I will go there and learn more about the Unconquered Sun as well as his chosen exalted of old. In the mean time I might tire her with all of the questions I would like to ask.

But first, the ancient city. A moonless sifu, lover of alliteration, informed us that it was recently taken over by fairfolk who have reactivated a shield around the city. So our first step will be getting in. Luckily, that cunning old sifu also told us of a way in and is sending a surly panther along with us to help with whatever may happen after getting into the city. Something violent, I’m guessing.

I finally found the courage to confess my secrets to the raiton. To be honest I suspected that he already knew more than he was letting on but I was unsure as to why he was keeping it to himself. There was nothing tying us together any more, my old self saw to that, but still he gave me the courage to open up to the rest of our circle too. I am relieved. I seriously underestimated each and every one of them. They won’t let me struggle through this on my own, and should the worst happen… well, I am confident that they will do what must be done.

Tome of a Twilight, Volume I, Page 4
  • We arrived at Rathess and climbed our way through the spiked tree tunnel to get into the city…I guess I need to spend a bit less time crafting and a bit more time practicing my balance as I almost took a spill—right into a thorn pit. Thank the incarne Lok was there, he reached out and caught me and carried me the rest of the way into the city so I wouldn’t slip again. He didn’t seem to be upset, but I can’t help but think he’s both bored and bothered by me. It seems, lately, that all I do is craft…which I know is grueling tiresome to him…and then I go and slip, like a simpleton…I imagine I’m not quite what he had in mind for his Solar. That’s something I need to work on…being more capable for him.
  • There were three manses still working, although in need of repair, in the city. We started to move out to sweep the city and have a look at the manses, but Panther said he would take care of any Fey and ran off before we could really say much to him. I was worried he’d get himself hurt, but the other Lunars didn’t seem to think it was a big deal so I let it go.
  • First manse we came to was a beautiful library with a plethora of still in tact books and manuals…cannot wait to get to spend more time sorting through these. But before I could even pick one of the books up, Shae called us all over to point out that a Fey was also perusing the books. We chatted with her a bit and tried to decide on if we should let her go or not…she hadn’t really done anything wrong yet, although she was talking about finding info on a very dangerous being, but that alone doesn’t justify her destruction. Imagine if a Dragon Blooded wanted to kill me if all I wanted to do was read history on some of the destructive first age solars…I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything other than let her go. She did agree to leave, not tell the other fey in the city of us, and leave peacefully if we let her go peacefully…very hard to argue with that, so off she went.
  • We made our way to another one of the manses, it had a defense system that was active and appeared to have been manually set. We could only assume that it was the fey currently in unknown locations in the city. We moved on to the final manse, a Sidereal observatory, quite beautiful really…although the bodies that Panther left behind dimmed its appeal. Turns out the other Lunars were right not to worry about his well being, he dispatched the two fey who were messing with the manse quite easily it seemed. Realizing we needed an expert on the manse I prayed to a spirit to find Tempest. While waiting for Tempest to arrive we found Panther…who had killed the fey girl I gave my word to that she could leave peacefully. I was rather upset, I think justifiably so, that first he ran off without so much as a backward glance and secondly for killing a creature that I know for certain did not engage him in hostilities first—which means he was the first to start the violence, something I’m very opposed to. This wasn’t self defense. This wasn’t justice. It was murder. Needless to say I let Panther know what I thought of the situation and what I thought his sifu would think of the situation. I suppose in hind sight aggressing a Lunar in that manner, especially one more powerful than me and who I know is prone to violence, wasn’t the best idea. I simply couldn’t help myself, I had to call him on his ill behavior. Lok had to step in again, and stand up for me as Panther all but charged me. Lok told him to walk away and Panther left. I doubt we’ll see him again…and if we do, I can’t imagine it will be on the best of terms.
  • I used my medicine charms to bring the Fey back…which shouldn’t have worked. I’m not sure why I tried it, other than I felt compelled to since I made a promise to her…something that would soon make sense to me.
  • Tempest showed up, agreed to watch the manse with Black Sun Prince helping to stand guard and also delivered some news…a letter that claimed I had a sister and that she was dead, initials of C.T. requested that I come “home”. I didn’t believe the letter, but couldn’t turn my back on the possibility…curiosity undermining my wisdom as usual, so we made our way to the location Tempest gave us…a place called High Tide Castle.
  • It turns out it wasn’t a trap. My half brother, Chaos Typhoon, is a full fey and leader for the Pearl Court. My half sister, Storms Eye Serenity, also a full fey, was…from what we can tell, murdered in the North. Typhoon told me of our father, an Ishvara, and he and I spend the night discussing my sister. I hope talking about her, letting me get to know her through his eyes, eased some of his grief. He may be a fey, but I couldn’t help the sadness that pulled at my heart to know how upset he was. I may not know him, and it might still be a trap, but I couldn’t turn my back on the swell of compassion I had for him. And if I’m honest to these pages…I’ll admit…he felt like home.
  • With the information Typhoon provided about my heritage the earlier medicine magic working on the fey made sense. If I’m half fey, daughter of an Ishvara, then just like a fey I’m bound by my promises…and since I had promised the fey she could leave unharmed my charms worked to make that promise a reality. I now must think about all the previous promises I’ve made in a new light, for they hold a much heavier weight on my heart than I had once thought. I can’t think of anything that would get me or the group in trouble, but I’ll need to be careful in the future of my words. Like an Eclipse I’m well and truly bound by my promises, but unlike an Eclipse, the binding is simply done with words and not essence.
  • Lok spent the night close by while Typhoon and I got to know one another and the following morning he introduced us to another Lunar, Seven Storms Fury. Storms had actually known my sister and agreed to travel with us North to see what we could uncover about her death. Typhoon told me he was going to deliver the news of our sister to our father…the Ishvara….and I must admit, I’m gravely worried how he’ll take the news.
  • After the funeral we all left for the North, including a new addition aside from the Seven Storms. Cas and Eirik seemed to have picked up a follower…a fey, Ravenstead, who seems to idolize Eirik.
An Unclaimed Note 3
drowned in the sea

The situation we were expecting to be faced with at the first age city was both more and less complicated than we were expecting. I was anticipating more bloodshed, not that there wasn’t… I’m just surprised not to be a participant. We have the shaper to thank for some of that, I gather she broke some sway the fey had over the dragonkings, and the panther to thank for the rest as he hunted down all the fey while we were busy exploring. Though I worry at the ease with which he takes others lives, even fey. He didn’t know we had struck a deal with one of them, allowing her to leave, so I understand why he did it, but still… she was fleeing. I’ve come to expect such brutality from spirits but I had hoped that we “chosen” could be better than that. Though I’m probably naive to think so.

The panther has left our company so he’ll have to be a worry for another day. It’s for the best as he wasn’t a good fit for our, this is an understatement, eclectic group. Fortunately? Due to the shaper’s unique heritage she was still able to honor our agreement with the one fey. Apparently bringing one back to life is not something even the best of healer’s should be able to do…

In the meantime, I have finally met the shaper’s mysterious “friend”. I’m not sure why I’m hesitant to trust him in spite of the aid he has given to at least two of my companions. I might be allowing a certain raiton’s distaste for an entire class of people affect my own opinion a little too much. It’s usually better to proceed cautiously than not, but it the meddler did bring an important message to the shaper. It was also at his prompting that we went to the city in the first place, if the fey had accomplished what they set out to do I expect it would have been very very bad.

So, in spite of my reservations we’ve left the meddler, along with my brother, to guard the city while we travel west again to respond to the missive. I sympathize with the shaper, receiving news she had lost a sister she didn’t even know she had. My brother has always given me strength, losing him was terrible, but holding on to the hope of finding him again gave me a different kind of strength. I can’t imagine not even knowing he existed until it was too late. That would be terrible in a different way… By all accounts her sister was a lovely person too. To the point where even defender of creation, who should be her natural enemy, has come to mourn her.

At least the shaper has been able to meet her brother, I hope he is worthy of the title for her sake and that they may be able to comfort each other.

We are setting out to try an discover who might have done this to the sister with some additions to the party. The diplomat may have found what she had finally given up looking for. While my raiton seems to have found himself a disciple whether he likes it or not. He certainly seems to be exasperated, though I’m amused, and it’s difficult to say no to the company of someone who saved your lives. That was her plan after all.

I’ve been pestering the diplomat for stories while we’re traveling. While I’m excited to finally be learning more about our unique inheritances, I’m also looking forward to returning to the first age city and hunting down more information. Since it was the first city devoted to Him I can hopefully find some different information there.


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