The Falcon's Feathers - Artifact •••


Wings of the Raptor

Attunement Activation Mote Cost
1 6 Committed

Characters must commit one mote to these wings in order to attune them, but doing so does nothing except allow the clasp to function as a hearthstone amulet. Activating the wings requires a reflexive commitment of 6 additional motes. This causes the cape to flare back and unravel as though in a sudden gale, reshaping itself into a pair of great wings that stretch six yards from wingtip to wingtip.

With the wings active, the wearer can fly at five times his usual running speed or hover with slow and graceful beats. Outside of combat, he can accelerate faster, soaring at speeds up to 80 miles per hour. Because the wings are considered a natural extension of the body, wearers do not need to divert actions to aerial maneuvers as with piloting a skyship. Moreover, all maneuvering rolls required by negative environmental conditions (such as flying through a hurricane or weaving through a narrow canyon) are made reflexively using a full pool of the character’s (Dexterity + Athletics + 6). Finally, the characters Evasion increases by three in flight owing to the artifact’s extreme maneuverability.


  • if a Sidereal wears this set of wings, they gain sensory acuity appropriate to a falcon, adding six dice to vision-based Awareness rolls while in flight.

Speed of Essence

Cost: 1m+ | Mins: Essence 1 | Type: Supplemental | Keywords: None | Duration: Instant or Scene Based
The strength of these wings can propel the wearer to greater speed. Speed of Essence can be used each interval of a foot race or other test of speed (see p. 197). For every 1m spent the character gains an additional die on foot race / test of speeds for the scene, capped at (Essence) artifact dice.

For overland travel, every mote committed doubles the wearers travel speed.

Feather Falls from Heaven

Cost: 1m| Mins: Essence 1 | Type: Reflexive | Keywords: None | Duration: Scene
While wearing these wings, as long as the wearer has spend the 1 mote attunement cost, that person will never fear falling from any distance that will hurt them. Upon activating this Evocation, the wings will slow the wearer’s fall to a safe speed ensuring the wearer will not take falling damage for the rest of the scene. This evocation can be activated even while the wearer is unconscious. This Evocation does not protect against environmental effects. If the wearer is out of essence and begins to fall, the wings will activate this evocation with their committed mote and de-attune to the wearer upon landing.


The Falcon's Feathers - Artifact •••

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