Tidal Warden



CategorySoakHardnessMobility PenaltyStrength ModifierAttunementRating

Strength Modifier: Adds to the Raw Damage of Withering and Decisive Attacks, Feats of Strength, and Strength Rating for what Feats of Strength can be attempted.


The following are the current Evocations unlocked by Twice Forged Lok for Tidal Warden.

Plate Modulating Mercury

Cost: 5m; Prereqs: Essence 1
Type: SImple; Duration: Scene; Keywords: None

Built for high speed engagement and best piloted by a Lunar Exalted, Tidal Warden’s first evocation ensures its Lunar pilot is never ill-equipped for any situation. Activating this Charm allows the Lunar to modify the Tidal Warden with one bestial trait from its Heartsblood library. This Charm can be activated as Supplemental instead of Simple if done in conjunction with a Combat Rush.

Deadly Warbeast Manifestation

Cost: +3m; Prereqs: Essence 2; Plate Modulating Mercury
Type: SImple; Duration: Scene; Keywords: None

When the Lunar assumes his Deadly Beastman Form, the armor also mutates into a deadly expression of his spirit animal. Double the Lunar’s effective Essence rating for beneifts provided by this knack. This Evocation is compatible with magic that alters the efficiency and timing of Lunar shapeshifting.


Tidal Warden

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