Skycutter - Artifact •••

Category Damage Overwhelming Attunement Tags
Medium +1 2 4 3 Lethal, Thrown (Long), Cutting, Special

Artifact Thrown Weapon Ranges

Close Short Medium Long Extreme*
+5 +4 +3 +0 -2
  • Artifact thrown weapons cannot be used to make attacks at extreme range without using Charms, Evocations, or similar abilities.

Virtually unknown outside of the East, each skycutter is fashioned from a single two-foot piece of metal alloyed with one of the five magical materials, hammered or carved according to precise geomantic angles that focus Essence along its cutting edge. Unlike conventional boomerangs,
a thrown skycutter almost always returns to its master’s hand—only if the wielder botches her attack roll does the weapon need retrieving.


Skycutter - Artifact •••

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