Silken Armor - Artifact ••••

Light Armor


Silken Armor

Artifact ••••

Category Soak Hardness Mobility Penalty Attunement Tags
Light +5 4 -0 4 Silent, Special

To use this armor, the wearer must commit the listed number of motes to allow the armor to respond to the wearer. Without this commitment, artifact armor is bulky, rigid and immobile and imposes a -5 penalty to Defense and to all actions, which cannot be negated by any means save attunement.

Woven using secret, long-lost First Age techniques, silken armor is woven of a material with the weight and texture of silk, but the resilience of tempered steel. Silken armor is usually beautifully tailored and decorated, well- suited for formal occasions. It doesn’t count as armor for the purpose of martial arts styles which cannot be practiced in armor.



artifact 4
Requires phase 4 of wyld shaping (Int + Lore roll)
each phase will take about one minute

  • Phase 1: 15 motes, 1 WP
    • Need dc of 5
  • Phase 2: 15 motes
    • Need DC of 6
  • Phase 3: 15 motes
    • Need DC of 7
  • Phase 4: 15 motes
    • Need DC of 8

Silken Armor - Artifact ••••

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