Siege Essence Cannons



Vehicle-scale weaponry that is typically mounted on first age aircraft, these weapons are too large for personal scale combat but can be used by warstriders.

Artifact Siege Weaponry (Artifact 4)


Artifact Siege Weaponry Ranges


  • Artifact Siege Weaponry cannot fire into Close Range or Extreme Range without Charms


Essence: This tag indicates the weapon fires projectiles of solidified essence. Each shot from the item requires an expenditure of Essence. Essence weapons typically have a single Hearthstone slot which can be used to power the weapon. Typically a Standard Hearthstone is enough to supply the Essence the cannon needs for each shot. However, using a Hearthstone adds the “Slow” tag to an essence cannon since the Hearthstone needs time to recharge the shot. Magic that affects reloading time modifies this as normal.

Siege: Weapons of this magnitude were designed for siege combat, targeting massive creatures, warstriders, and battle groups. When used against single targets, the Aim action is required regardless of the range.

Light Siege Weapons

Long Siege Essence Cannon
The lightest of all the Essence Cannons, what it lacks in precision it makes up for in accuracy. With the aim action, this essence cannon can be fired out to extreme range.
Tags: Archery (Extreme), Essence, Siege

Medium Siege Weapons

Siege Essence Cannon
The standard Essence Cannon most commonly deployed in the world, a good balance of power and range.
Tags: Archery (Long), Essence, Siege

Heavy Siege Weapons

Heavy Siege Essence Cannon
Tags: Archery (Medium), Essence, Siege


Siege Essence Cannons

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