Archer's Constellation - Powerbow, Artifact •••



Artifact •••

Standing at least as tall as the archer, this bow is a masterwork of Exalted craft. The design of the bow directs Essence into the arrow, hurling it with deadly force.

Category Damage Overwhelming Attunement Hearthstone Sockets Tags
Medium +12 4 3 3 Lethal, Archery (Long)

Artifact Archery Weapon Ranges

Close Short Medium Long Extreme*
-1 +5 +3 +1 -1
  • Artifact archery weapons cannot be used to make attacks at extreme range without using Charms, Evocations, or similar abilities.


Black Jade, Starmetal



  • if Solar wields, +1 to Accuracy upon attunement

Heaven Falling Strike

Cost: 3m Mins: Essence 1
Type: Supplemental Keywords: Decisive Duration: Instant Prerequisites: None

The Archer shoots a single arrow arced high into the sky. For a moment, to onlookers, it seems as though the Archer pulled her shot, shooting into the sky for no reason. But a moment later a star falls, having been struck by the arrow, and plummets to Creation to strike the Archer’s target. If this evocation is used during the day the star falling looks as though a diamond is sparkling and streaking down from the sky; while when performed at night it appears as a brilliant comet racing towards the ground.

This attack ignore all but complete cover, striking it’s target with unfailing accuracy—as though the victim was cursed by the stars themselves.


bow – artifact 3
Requires phase 3 of wyld shaping (Int + Lore roll)
each phase will take about one minute

  • Phase 1: 15 motes, 1 WP
    • Need dc of 5
  • Phase 2: 15 motes
    • Need DC of 6
  • phase 3: 15 motes
    • need dc of 7

Archer's Constellation - Powerbow, Artifact •••

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