Chaos Forged Harmony - Artifact •••


Unique Mobile Articulate Plate

Category Soak Hardness Mobility Penalty Attunement Tags
Medium + 8 7 - 1 3 Silent

To use this armor, the wearer must commit the listed number of motes to allow the armor to respond to the wearer. Without this commitment, artifact armor is bulky, rigid and immobile and imposes a -5 penalty to Defense and to all actions, which cannot be negated by any means save attunement.

This unique articulate plate is made up of numerous small plates of moonsilver edged in orichalcum. The moonsilver plates appear as larger plates, but the orichalcum edging serves more than just a decorative purpose. The orichalcum conceals rivets and hinges connecting much smaller plates of moonsilver to appear larger. These smaller plates move with greater flexibility and allow the armor to bend and yield to the wearer.


  • if Lunar wears, this articulate plate adapts and transforms with the Lunar as they shift forms
  • if Lunar attunes an additional 2m the mobility penalty is lowered by 1


Silver Second Skin

Cost: 1m; Prereqs: Essence 1
Type: Simple; Duration: Instant; Keywords: Mute

Activation Condition: The Lunar is automatically granted this Evocation the first time he changes shape while wearing the armor.

After attuning to the Artifact, the Lunar finds this armor particularly easy to resonate with. Whenever the Lunar uses a shape changing action, he can spend an extra mote to either absorb or don the armor. While absorbed, the armor only confers half the benefit (rounded up) to soak and hardness it otherwise would. Knacks that enhance the Lunar’s shapechanging armor also affect the type of this Charm and the Lunar can take a shapechange action just to affect the armor. While absorbed, the armor requires the same difficulty as the Lunar’s Tell to spot. Tattoo’d Lunars that have absorbed this armor have traces of orichalcum outlining the moonsilver shapes of his tattoos.

Design Notes: Simple and effective, with a stylistic reference to the composition of the armor. The evocation also compliments Lunars specifically by interacting with Shapeshifting Knacks they can purchase. It’s about on par with an advanced version of Call the Blade, which is Essence 1.


Luna’s Second Heart

Cost: 2m; Prereqs: Essence 1;
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Scene; Keywords: None

Activation Condition: The Lunar is granted access to this Evocation the first time he parries a decisive attack for someone warded with the Defend Other action.

To use this Evocation, the Lunar takes one piece of his Artifact armor and gives it to another. The recipient can wear the piece of armor without encumbrance in addition to any other armor they might already own and need not pay any attunement cost. While the piece is worn, the Lunar may use the Defend Other action on the owner reflexively and may do so out to Short range. The piece of armor glows when this Evocation is in affect (-1 penalty to Stealth), swirling with silver essence reminiscent of the owner’s anima. When activated at Short Range, the piece of armor leaps from the wearer and manifests into a ghostly silver shield which wards its charge at the Lunar’s direction.

Design Notes: This evocation explains why the Moonsilver armor has orichalcum edging on it as this evocation was clearly intended to be used on the Lunar’s Solar Mate, tying it all together nicely. Lunar’s are stewards, protectors, and this Evocation compliments that facet of their archetype explaining why only a Lunar can draw out this power in the armor. As already mentioned, this Charm mimics an Essence 1 Charm in power.


Second Risings Triumph

Cost: 5m Mins: Essence 2
Type: Reflexive Keywords: None Duration: Instant Prerequisites: None

TO UNLOCK: The Lunar must face a situation where not succeeding on a strength based roll will endanger the life/welfare of someone he cares about.

The armor senses his companion’s need, it feels the desire to save the beloveds of his wearer and that desire burns hot, channeling previously unknown essence through the Moonsilver and into the Lunar. The surging Essence allows the Lunar to reroll all non-successes on a feat of strength.



artifact 4
Requires phase 4 of wyld shaping (Int + Lore roll)
each phase will take about one minute

  • Phase 2: 15 motes, 1 WP
    • Need DC of 6 (got 7 successes)
  • Phase 3: 15 motes
    • Need DC of 7 (got 9 successes)
  • Phase 4: 15 motes
    • Need DC of 8 (got 15 successes)
  • can spend extra essence if any left to have additional evocations, has minimum of 2 evocations
  • spent enough essence to give the armor 12 evocation slots, of which, 4 are used

Chaos Forged Harmony - Artifact •••

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