Hearthstone Keywords

Hearthstones are of diverse origins—most are accreted in a specially-designed chamber in the heart of a manse, but others occur naturally over a span of centuries in unusual demesnes. This produces some differences in hearthstone behaviors, and different types of stones can be found in different places, and behave differently. These differences are denoted by special keywords, detailed below:

  • Linked: Hearthstones of this type channel their mystical benefits from their parent manse. If the manse is destroyed or disrupted, the hearthstone becomes inert and ceases to function. An inert hearthstone crumbles to ash within a matter of days. Linked hearthstones can only be grown in a manse, and never occur naturally in demesnes.
  • Steady: Hearthstones of this type sustain their own miraculous power. Disrupting their parent manse or demesne has no effect upon them.
  • Dependent: The complex magic of a hearthstone with this keyword only kindles and activates when socketed into an attuned artifact that already contains another hearthstone in one of its other sockets, which must lack this keyword. For example, the Hierophant’s Eye could grant its benefit if placed in the socket of a daiklave with another socket already filled by the Freedom Stone, but not if simply placed in a single-socket daiklave or if the Freedom Stone were absent.
  • Manse-born: Hearthstones of this type can only be grown in a manse, and never occur in the wild.
  • Wild-born: Hearthstones of this type can only form naturally in demesnes—no geomantic architect has ever learned to duplicate them in a manse. All wild-born hearthstones are also steady.

Any hearthstone which lacks keywords might be linked or steady, and could originate in a manse or in a demesne, as the player and Storyteller desire.

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