Hearthstone Amulet (Tiara, Bracer, etc.)

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A wide variety of decorative artifacts exist whose sole purpose is to provide a socket into which an attuned hearthstone may be placed. The most common form of these artifacts are amulets wrought of the five magical materials, though hearthstone bracers are nearly as popular, and some Chosen—particularly Sidereals—prefer circlets or tiaras which fix the hearthstone in the center of their forehead, directly over their Caste Mark. All such items cost a single mote to attune.

If a character wears magical armor of the same material as a worn hearthstone amulet (tiara, bracer, etc.), then the amulet’s socket is considered to be part of that armor for the purpose of dependent hearthstones (see p. 604).


Hearthstone Amulet (Tiara, Bracer, etc.)

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