Heart of the Wyld



The heart of the Wyld is said to have been forged from the Hearts Grace of a powerful Raksha who fell in love with a mortal from Creation. The rest of Creation feared his raw power, and the whispers of the atrocities he was capable of, turned her away from him. He begged and pleaded with her for a way to win her favor back. Since she was with child as a result of their union, she asked that he give his heart to their only daughter so that she need never fear the ravages of the Wyld.

Grace Add-On Artifacts

Temperance – The Ring Grace

HotW does not have to expand in size to expand in intensity. The motes now remain committed for as long as the wielder likes and the pocket closes when the motes are uncommitted (a reflexive action).

Conviction – The Staff Grace

Allows Freya to take shaping actions herself, also allowing her to benefit from her own Sword Grace.

Compassion – The Cup Grace

Freya can feed the denizens of the Wyld with nothing more than her Heart. She can channel one mote through her heart to sustain a Raksha for an entire day, preventing the need to feed off dreams. Raksha so attuned for the day respire Essence normally in Creation. The Raksha must have an Intimacy toward her or share a similar intimacy.

Valor – The Sword Grace

Freya can arm others with the Heart of the Wyld. With her permission, if someone with an intimacy that either relates to one of her own or if that person shares an intimacy with her, they can take shaping actions (not WyldShaping, but rather “shaping combat”). This requires an instant 1m / level attunement on behalf of the shaper. The shaper will either have to be in the Wyld or near one of Freya’s tears to participate in the shaping.

  • shaping vs. WyldShaping – with shaping you can mimic some sorcery abilities if you’re really good at it. You can’t make anything “real”.

The Way Grace

Freya will never be lost. She can reflexively sense the boundaries of Creation, where the Wyld pushes its borders, and use that to guide her path. She always knows the exact shape and size of Creation and, in addition, if in the Wyld can perfectly navigate back towards Creation or within the tangled chaos itself.


Heart of the Wyld

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