Fallen Angels Song



A beautiful combination of instrument and weapon, this guitar-axe hybrid was created for a performer who never wished to be unarmed. While crafted from beautiful white jade with bits of orichalcum inlay, the holy appearance of this weapon conceals the horrible power it contains within.


The following are the Evocations of the Fallen Angels Song:

Performance Evocations

Call to the Crowds

Cost: 1m; Prereqs: Essence 2
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant; Keywords: None
Upon striking the first cord of a song, the weapon can unleash this Evocation. The weapon creates illusions of the players choice out to a range covered by the Size of his onlookers. Characters with Resolve scores lower than the character’s Performance rating believe these illusions to be real. If a characters Major Intimacy comes into play, he may use a Decision Point to pay a willpower to see through the illusion.

Ignite the Masses

Cost: 5m, 1wp; Prereqs: Essence 2; Call the Crowds
Type: Simple; Duration: Instant; Keywords: None
While the owner continues to play, all within the area affected by Call to the Crowds begin to feel a fire burn in their hearts at the music they hear around them. This Charm augments a (Charisma + Performance) roll. For every onlooker in the crowd that has a Resolve equal to or less than the successes garnered on the roll, they begin to react violently to the music and incite violence among themselves.

Grave Torn Encore

Cost: 8m, 1wp; Prereqs: Essence 2; Ignite the Masses
Type: Simple; Duration: Instant; Keywords: None
In the aftermath of Ignite the Masses, this Charm allows the owner to raise those that have slayed as a result of his playing. For each success rolled, the character raises 1 Size worth of undead zombies form the slain mob. If the character garners more successes than the size of his onlookers, he can raise not just their bodies but also their souls (as hungry ghosts) and create up to another unit with a Size equal to the initial crowd (to a maximum of twice the Size of the crowd, split equally among zombies and hungry ghosts). These undead have an intimacy of obedience to the character that activated this Evocation.

Combat Evocations

Assault as Ensemble Method

Cost: 1m; Prereqs: Essence 1;
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant; Keywords: -
While performing, add (Performance / 2) to your Parry. A successful parry means the weapon absorbs the attack and has the side effect of interposing itself so the attacker strikes exactly the right strings to continue the performance.

String Wave Wrath

Cost: 7m; Prereqs: Essence 2; Assault as Ensemble Method
Type: Simple; Duration: Instant; Keywords: Mute
Plucking the strings of the Guitar while activating the evocation, the sound waves become razor sharp and arc toward their target. This Evocation allows the owner to make a single attack out to medium range, using either Thrown or Performance as their ability of choice.

Notes in the Wind

Cost: 1m; Prereqs: Essence 2;
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant; Keywords: -
With this evocation, the wielder can banish his instrument to elsewhere and reflexively summon it to hand at any time by paying an additional mote.


Fallen Angels Song

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