Claws of the Stingray


Razor Claws

Artifact •••

This pair of deadly weapons is a set of razor-sharp claws that strap onto the wearer’s hands. Razor claws always come in pairs and consist of fingerless leather gloves fitted with three slightly curved blades extending three or more inches beyond the wearer’s knuckles. In addition to causing horrific rending wounds, these claws also add two dice to all climbing rolls made by the wearer. Wearers can retract the claws, transforming this weapon into a pair of heavy fingerless gloves.

Category Accuracy Damage Defense Overwhelming Attunement Hearthstone Sockets Tags
Light +5 +10 0 3 3 3 Lethal, Brawl, Concealable, Worn


Blue and White Jade


  • if Dragon Blooded wields, these razor claws become even more accurate and offer +1 accuracy rating

Crashing Tide of the Sea

Cost: 4m Mins: Essence 1
Type: Supplemental Keywords: Uniform Duration: Instant Prerequisites: None

These razor claws are made up of Stingray skeletons that were forged in the deep ocean. Moving with the speed and agility of a Stingray in the ocean, the martial artist closes the distance to her prey. Crashing Tide of the Sea steals a point of Initiative from an enemy upon successfully rushing him. If the martial artist makes an attack against that enemy before the end of the next round, any extra successes on the rush are added as bonus dice to her attack roll.



  • Crushing Grasp of the Sea

Claws of the Stingray

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