Bracers of Universal Crafting - Artifact •••

Artifact •••


These bracers are carved from green and white jade and are each a quarter inch thick, and two inches wide. Once activated, they create temporarily projections of Essence that can act as both tools and extra hands. This item allows the character to add four dice to all rolls involving fine manipulation. Such rolls include picking locks and surgery, as well as many craft rolls, including any rolls involving calligraphy, cooking, embroidery, making jewelry, repairing complex devices, or any other careful task where precision matters more than strength. The tools and other manipulators created by these bracers vanish the instant they are not needed and the character wearing these bracers can control them as easily as she can manipulate her own fingers. In addition to being compatible with all Craft Charms, these bracers negate the need for any additional tools and eliminate all penalties for performing an action without proper tools.

Attuning to this artifact costs three motes, but once attuned activating it can be done at will.


Bracers of Universal Crafting - Artifact •••

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