Black Shroud Trappings - Artifact •••


Articulated Plate

Category Soak Hardness Mobility Penalty Attunement Tags
Heavy + 11 10 - 2 3 Silent

To use this armor, the wearer must commit the listed number of motes to allow the armor to respond to the wearer. Without this commitment, artifact armor is bulky, rigid and immobile and imposes a -5 penalty to Defense and to all actions, which cannot be negated by any means save attunement. Made with Soulsteal plating and reinforced with plates and rivets made from Black Jade, this armor is both tough and rigid, but the separated plating offers unique flexibility for heavy armor.


  • if Abyssal wears this armor, -1 to mobility penalty upon base attunement
  • if Abyssal attunes an additional 2m the mobility penalty is lowered by an additional 1

Channeled Neverborn’s Kiss

Cost: 4m, 1R+; Prereqs: Essence 1;
Type: Supplemental; Duration: Instant; Keywords: -
The Soulsteal plating of this armor becomes more and more twisted and terrifying as the Abyssal gains resonance. When making an attack, the wearer can vent the wrath of the Neverborn into a single strike. The attack is treated as a poison which is dealt on a successful decisive attack that deals at least one point of damage with the following traits: (Essence)i/round (L in Crash), (Resonance) rounds, (Essence) penalty.

Soul Sweeping Wind

Cost: 3m, 1R+; Prereqs: Essence 1;
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Scene; Keywords: -
Marked by the wrath of the old dead Gods, the armor fuels their angers into the killing prowess of the Abyssal so that he may continue on his mission of murder. Each type the Abyssal successfully parries an attack, the armor billows black essence forth obscuring the Abyssal’s presence. Every activation of this Charm levies a -1 environmental penalty to strike the Abyssal, as the effigies of shadows echo his movements more and more as he continues to channel Resonance into his battle prowess.

Eyes of the Dead

Cost: 1R+; Prereqs: Essence 1;
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant; Keywords: -
The eyes of the dead Gods see all and whisper prophetic warnings to the Abyssal. The more ire the Abyssal carries, the louder their whispers sing of his destruction. When faced with a surprise attack the Abyssal is unaware of, he may gain a Parry value equal to the Resonance he expends on this Evocation. For just a moment, the Neverborn seize control of the Abyssal and his will is not his own.


Future Evocations

Black Tomb World Wound

Cost: 4m, 1wp 1R+; Prereqs: Essence 3; Channeled Neverborn’s Kiss
Type: Simple; Duration: Instant; Keywords: -
Erupting in necrotic essence, the Abyssal channel the fury of the Neverborn into a miasma of necrotic essence around him. This is an environmental effect centered on the Abyssal out to his close range band. The environmental effect deals (Resonance x 2)i per turn (L on Crash) and lasts for (Essence) Turns.

Black Shroud Trappings - Artifact •••

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