Belt of Shadow Walking

Artifact •••


Night-black belts made from leather from the wings of giant bats, trimmed with black jade and soulsteel, these artifacts can control shadows and cause them to conceal the wearer. Whenever she wishes, the wearer can add three dice to all stealth rolls. However, this is the least of the belt’s powers. When the wearer expends ten motes, she can transform into a living shadow for one scene. In this form, she can slip under the space beneath a door or slide through the thinnest crack. In well-lit regions, observers notice the existence of an unusual shadow if they make a (Perception + Awareness) roll at difficulty 3, unless the wearer conceals himself in a larger shadow.

When the character is a shadow, she is dematerialized and can only affect or be affected by other dematerialized creatures or by Charms and weapons capable of attacking dematerialized foes. If the wearer uses such a Charm or weapon while dematerialized, she can use it to affect a materialized foe. Otherwise, she is immune to all materialized threats, although she can be trapped in a room that is sealed tightly enough. The character can wear any armor and take any object she can carry into the shadows with her. However, she cannot transform other living things into shadow. Once the scene ends, the character must remain in solid form for at least ten minutes before transforming back into a shadow. The wearer must commit five motes to use this artifact.


Belt of Shadow Walking

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