Crimson Martyr's Serenade

Moonshadow Caste


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Strength ●● Charisma ●●●●● Perception ●●●●●
Dexterity ●●●●● Manipulation ●●●● Intelligence ●●●
Stamina ●● Appearance ●●●●● Wits ●●●

Willpower ●●●●●●●●


-0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 Incapacitated

Essence ●●

Personal 16 -
Peripheral 40 -
Committed -


Natural Soak Armored Soak Total Soak
Parry Evasion
Resolve Guile

Limit Trigger The Abyssal’s allies suffer a setback or defeat because of a mistake she made.

  • Virtue Flaw – Compassionate Martyrdom
    • Consumed by overwhelming compassion, the Abyssal cannot see the suffering of others without intervening. Whenever he sees a suffering innocent, he must intervene to help them in the most dramatic way possible. If she is being harmed, the Abyssal must either intercede to take the blows meant for her, or else kill her aggressor. If her suffering is caused by poverty, sickness, or other prevailing conditions of her life, the Abyssal must find some similarly dramatic method in which to help her, working without cease to do so.
    • Duration: Scene.
      • Compassionate Martyrdom can be ended prematurely if the Solar sees that the actions he has taken have caused the people she is trying to protect to fear or reject her, or if she loses a combat that she started because of the Limit Break.


Archery ●●● Athletics ●●● Awareness ●● Brawl Bureaucracy ● Craft Dodge ●●●
Integrity ● Investigation Larceny ●●●●● Linguistics Lore ● Martial Arts Medicine
Melee Occult ● Performance ●●●●● Presence ●●● Resistance ●●● Ride Sail
Socialize ●●●●● Stealth ● Survival Thrown War ●

          Supernal Ability
                    Socialize – defining ability that let’s you treat your Essence as rating 5 for the purpose of meeting prerequisites for charms

          Caste Abilities – Bureaucracy, Larceny, Occult, Presence, Socialize

          Favored Abilities – Archery, Awareness, Integrity, Performance, Stealth

                     Performance : Stringed Instruments
                     Archery : Powerbow
                     Socialize : while wearing kimono
                     Presence : while wearing kimono


Eidetic Memory (••)—Innate
The character enjoys near-perfect recall, adding one automatic success to all attempts to remember details from previous scenes and events.

Selective Conception (•)—Innate
The character enjoys full conscious control over his or her fertility, never running the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Perhaps this is the result of years of cultivated control of body and Essence, a divine blessing, or simply the benefit of lucky birth. Both sexes may withhold fertility when they wish. Female characters may pay one Willpower to ensure conception, and will automatically know when they’re pregnant.

Exalted Healing (•••••)—Innate
The character heals quickly and perfectly, with no risk of lingering complications. Only the most grievous of injuries leave any hint of scarring, and the character’s healing is like a slow form of regeneration, flawlessly mending severed muscles and nerves, torn ligaments, and shattered bones. Unless a body part is completely severed or destroyed, it is restored to perfect working condition once healed. Finally, the character’s wounds never become infected. For more detail on healing from injuries, see page 173.

Fast Reflexes (•••)—Purchased, Prerequisite: Wits •••
Tempered by war or perhaps by growing up living on the edge, the character’s steady nerves give him an advantage in battle. He adds one additional die to Join Battle rolls.

Direction Sense (•)—Innate
The character is never completely lost, and is able to naturally determine her orientation relative to the five Poles. In addition to always knowing her facing and acting as a living compass, she lowers the difficulty on attempts to navigate toward a fixed, known location or to retrace her
steps by 2.

Language (•)—Purchased
This Merit may be re-purchased as many times as desired, grants you the higher of your Intelligence or Linguistics in languages
             Known: Riverspeak, Old Realm, Seatongue, High Realm

Familiar (••)—Story
This Merit may be re-purchased as many times as desired.
Pends being created


Crimson Martyr's Serenade

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