Champions of the Sun

Tome of a Twilight, Volume I, Page 6

  • We arrived in Dajaz after Tempest suggested we hurry in that direction. He didn’t tell us what we’d find, just that we’d know when we saw it. There are actually several things in the city that caught my attention and I’m wondering which is the one the Sidereal wanted us to find. I know the others don’t trust him, but he saved more than just my life…how can I not trust him.
  • Dajaz turned out to be a demon infested city…the population hovering with about 20 to 30% demons hidden among the masses. They turn into their true selves at night and ravage the town and any outside their homes when it’s dark. The city is the Malfean version of a Shadowland….and I’m not exactly sure what we can do about it. Especially without hurting the innocent citizens.
  • We found a few folks in the town that gave us information, a fey, Oren… who’s trapped in the city but we aren’t sure why at this point. He was starving and trying to get out. He seemed like a decent enough person and I, after meeting my family, have begun to find it difficult to see the “enemies of creation” as such. On the street we ran into Taj…a second circle demon and the father to my Crimson Typhoon. I truly must be slipping, as I saw him more as a father and less as a demon…I actually felt terrible for taking his son from him and offered to let them spend time together. Strange, a few months ago, seeing a demon in that light…I would have thought I was going mad…and I suppose perhaps I am. I’m thankful Lok is here, I know that if I slip too far, he’ll pull me back.
  • We also ran into a demon blooded girl who seems pretty taken with Lok, she showed us around the town and gave us some important names to follow up on for information. Including Yusuf, the Nigh Watch Merc leader. We spoke with him and he and his men actually seems more like the town guards than they do a merc group, they’re trying to help the people from the demon attacks.
  • We went to investigate the Merchant Princes and encountered one of their body guards, a sorcerer named Kelia…turns out she doesn’t like her Prince very much. Cas and Eirik went to spy on him and drive him out of town…or at least that was what I though. When they returned Eirik had donned the man’s face…and clearly eaten his heart like he did that one guardsman when I first met him. I suppose I shouldn’t be upset or surprised, it is how the Lunar’s solve things, but I can’t help but feel like it’s needless violence. I know the merchant prince was probably a terrible person, probably deserved the fate he received, but seeing fey and other creatures in a different light has made me think that perhaps we can’t look at a person and truly judge them. Perhaps we were not meant to be the lawbringers….maybe that’s why we failed in the first age. With that thought in mind I spoke with Cas about talking to Gorol…maybe he could help her order the demons, bring peace to the city without a fight or bloodshed. Somehow make the demons and the humans live in peace. I suppose that was too tall an order as things didn’t exactly pan out how we would have liked. Perhaps we can find common ground with Gorol through the location of Autocathon…Gorol wants to wake the primordials, maybe finding the great maker will appease him.



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