Champions of the Sun

Tome of a Twilight, Volume I, Page 4

  • We arrived at Rathess and climbed our way through the spiked tree tunnel to get into the city…I guess I need to spend a bit less time crafting and a bit more time practicing my balance as I almost took a spill—right into a thorn pit. Thank the incarne Lok was there, he reached out and caught me and carried me the rest of the way into the city so I wouldn’t slip again. He didn’t seem to be upset, but I can’t help but think he’s both bored and bothered by me. It seems, lately, that all I do is craft…which I know is grueling tiresome to him…and then I go and slip, like a simpleton…I imagine I’m not quite what he had in mind for his Solar. That’s something I need to work on…being more capable for him.
  • There were three manses still working, although in need of repair, in the city. We started to move out to sweep the city and have a look at the manses, but Panther said he would take care of any Fey and ran off before we could really say much to him. I was worried he’d get himself hurt, but the other Lunars didn’t seem to think it was a big deal so I let it go.
  • First manse we came to was a beautiful library with a plethora of still in tact books and manuals…cannot wait to get to spend more time sorting through these. But before I could even pick one of the books up, Shae called us all over to point out that a Fey was also perusing the books. We chatted with her a bit and tried to decide on if we should let her go or not…she hadn’t really done anything wrong yet, although she was talking about finding info on a very dangerous being, but that alone doesn’t justify her destruction. Imagine if a Dragon Blooded wanted to kill me if all I wanted to do was read history on some of the destructive first age solars…I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything other than let her go. She did agree to leave, not tell the other fey in the city of us, and leave peacefully if we let her go peacefully…very hard to argue with that, so off she went.
  • We made our way to another one of the manses, it had a defense system that was active and appeared to have been manually set. We could only assume that it was the fey currently in unknown locations in the city. We moved on to the final manse, a Sidereal observatory, quite beautiful really…although the bodies that Panther left behind dimmed its appeal. Turns out the other Lunars were right not to worry about his well being, he dispatched the two fey who were messing with the manse quite easily it seemed. Realizing we needed an expert on the manse I prayed to a spirit to find Tempest. While waiting for Tempest to arrive we found Panther…who had killed the fey girl I gave my word to that she could leave peacefully. I was rather upset, I think justifiably so, that first he ran off without so much as a backward glance and secondly for killing a creature that I know for certain did not engage him in hostilities first—which means he was the first to start the violence, something I’m very opposed to. This wasn’t self defense. This wasn’t justice. It was murder. Needless to say I let Panther know what I thought of the situation and what I thought his sifu would think of the situation. I suppose in hind sight aggressing a Lunar in that manner, especially one more powerful than me and who I know is prone to violence, wasn’t the best idea. I simply couldn’t help myself, I had to call him on his ill behavior. Lok had to step in again, and stand up for me as Panther all but charged me. Lok told him to walk away and Panther left. I doubt we’ll see him again…and if we do, I can’t imagine it will be on the best of terms.
  • I used my medicine charms to bring the Fey back…which shouldn’t have worked. I’m not sure why I tried it, other than I felt compelled to since I made a promise to her…something that would soon make sense to me.
  • Tempest showed up, agreed to watch the manse with Black Sun Prince helping to stand guard and also delivered some news…a letter that claimed I had a sister and that she was dead, initials of C.T. requested that I come “home”. I didn’t believe the letter, but couldn’t turn my back on the possibility…curiosity undermining my wisdom as usual, so we made our way to the location Tempest gave us…a place called High Tide Castle.
  • It turns out it wasn’t a trap. My half brother, Chaos Typhoon, is a full fey and leader for the Pearl Court. My half sister, Storms Eye Serenity, also a full fey, was…from what we can tell, murdered in the North. Typhoon told me of our father, an Ishvara, and he and I spend the night discussing my sister. I hope talking about her, letting me get to know her through his eyes, eased some of his grief. He may be a fey, but I couldn’t help the sadness that pulled at my heart to know how upset he was. I may not know him, and it might still be a trap, but I couldn’t turn my back on the swell of compassion I had for him. And if I’m honest to these pages…I’ll admit…he felt like home.
  • With the information Typhoon provided about my heritage the earlier medicine magic working on the fey made sense. If I’m half fey, daughter of an Ishvara, then just like a fey I’m bound by my promises…and since I had promised the fey she could leave unharmed my charms worked to make that promise a reality. I now must think about all the previous promises I’ve made in a new light, for they hold a much heavier weight on my heart than I had once thought. I can’t think of anything that would get me or the group in trouble, but I’ll need to be careful in the future of my words. Like an Eclipse I’m well and truly bound by my promises, but unlike an Eclipse, the binding is simply done with words and not essence.
  • Lok spent the night close by while Typhoon and I got to know one another and the following morning he introduced us to another Lunar, Seven Storms Fury. Storms had actually known my sister and agreed to travel with us North to see what we could uncover about her death. Typhoon told me he was going to deliver the news of our sister to our father…the Ishvara….and I must admit, I’m gravely worried how he’ll take the news.
  • After the funeral we all left for the North, including a new addition aside from the Seven Storms. Cas and Eirik seemed to have picked up a follower…a fey, Ravenstead, who seems to idolize Eirik.



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