Champions of the Sun

Tome of a Twilight, Volume I, Page 3

Crafting Notes

  • made 81 artifacts for Lookshy, 27 airships, 54 warstriders
  • crafted 2 sets of the Solar/Lunar rings
  • made slayer khatars
  • crafted Royal warstrider + 2 weapons for Bronze Dragon
  • crafted two additional essence cannons for our ship
  • for the silver pact
    • one moonsilver royal warstrider
    • 5 medium moonsilver armors
    • 5 heavy moonsilver armors

      Daily Notes
  • I spoke with several Dragon Blooded about the crafting needs for Lookshy, they were surprisingly polite and appreciative…and, well…maybe Zale was right, maybe it’s just the realm I should hate, not the dragons themselves.
  • I was able to craft Lookshy a substantial amount of artifacts and in order to ensure they used The Bronze Dragon to his full extent offered to give them the artifacts that technically I owned in exchange for letting Broderick have command over them. I know they would have preferred the gift wholesale, but I can’t turn a blind eye to how inefficiently they were going to use them. Plus, well…it makes me feel slightly better that Lookshy would owe me a favor, say…if the Realm decided to attempt to capture me again.
  • And thankfully my Sidereal buddy sent us an Eclipse caste, Shae, who helped with the Lookshy contract, very thankful for that. I know the others are very leery of my starry advisor, but I can’t help but believe he’s on my side.
  • while all that was going on Cas had the genius idea to have Eirik root out any spies Lookshy might have, and he found quite a few….very scary, and I’m very glad she thought to have him look
  • I was also able to craft quite a few things for us while at Lookshy, due in no small part to the people’s prayers, and thankfully since I was crafting several things very much out of my power range Lookshy was there to offer essence cannon support for the Feys who pulled themselves from the wyld pocket I was using. And after all crafting was done I pulled the pocket into a demanse…something I think I’ll be doing from now on, making the pockets into demanses
  • I provided a pair of artifact rings to Cas if she wants to use them with Eirik and I made a pair for Lok and I. Who has stood faithfully by my side in the 7 days of crafting…poor guy, I know he was bored to tears, but he still stayed with me. Quite the task I imagine as I all but ignored him with how diligently I worked. I was even too tired at night to do anything more than snuggle against him in sleep. I’ve not really had any closeness to a person before and it’s rather soothing to have Lok with me. I planned a whole speech for when I let him see the rings, but he rather surprised me by simply taking the Orchalcum one and immediately putting it on his finger. He seemed humored by failed wooing attempt and wasn’t put off by my lack of experience with intimacy, hopefully he didn’t find the kiss we shared disappointing…I know it was far from that for me.
  • After the week of crafting we decided to take an extra day in the city to recoup since I was both physically and mentally exhausted from the constant crafting. We had more time to get to know Shae a bit and discovered that she’s on a quest to find her Lunar mate. I certainly hope we can help her with that as I know she was rather disheartened to see both Cas and I at peace with ours.
  • Cas discussed with Lok and I what really happened in Malfeas…turns out my hypothesis that Cas’ former self had a deal with the demons was spot on…Cas may not have known about it at the time, but Eirik did and admitted to covering the truth up. It seems that Lok held him at no fault for his actions since they were to protect his Solar and while I was rather unhappy with his deception I can’t fault him for his loyalty to Cas, to do so would be disrespectful to the Lunar culture…but I am going to be salty to him for a full 24 hours to make sure he knows I didn’t appreciate it.
  • Shae shared that she wants our help with the city of Rathess and we agreed, Lok mentioned we could see a member of the Silver Pact on our way and since I had some armor for them I readily agreed.
  • We met the Time Tempered Terrapin and the Obsidian Panther, who Shae seemed rather taken by. We had a pleasant dinner and learned that Rathess had been taken over by Fey. I suggested that Panther join us to make sure our group was more protected against the Fey and he was told by his Sifu Terrapin to do so. It seems, for whatever reason, that Panther wasn’t keen to join us of his own accord. Perhaps he has the same viewpoint on Solars as Eirik did? But as I can know see Eirik donning the Orchalcum ring I made I know his mind has been changed…and I can’t help but believe if Panther dislikes Solars that we can change his mind too…and with how Shae is watching him, hopefully we can change his mind soon.



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