Champions of the Sun

An Unclaimed Note 5

suffocated in the pages of an untouched tome

When facing a group not favorably inclined to you, possibly lead with the info that you did not, in fact, kill the sister of one of there members. Or that you’re researching a way to not be a creature of darkness tied to someone who does not care a shell for you. Those are better options than poisoning the mates of the ones you wish to ingratiate yourselves with. The “nurse” is admittedly bad at communicating, I am too, but still… I’m favorably inclined to her now since she can help my brother, though that wasn’t her intent, but I might hold a grudge over the poison for a while.

Luckily, my Raiton and the Jackal survived the ordeal and the Shaper’s sister is back among the living. She seems pleasant enough, mostly I am glad for my friend’s sake that she has the opportunity to know her family. It seems that they are worth the knowing.

My brother on the other hand seems hell bent on getting into some kind of trouble and doesn’t even have the courtesy to invite me along. It feels like nothing has changed from when we were kids, I’m tempted to sneak after him and join in the fun anyway…just like I did back then. I do understand why he wants to do it this way. I’m not completely unreasonable. (Though I can see how I could seem that way where he’s involved) While I have promised not to hinder him that doesn’t mean I can’t try to throw some help his way.

I’m always expecting trouble of one kind or another, but more particularly, I still know nothing about the ghost who told me where to find him. I trust my brother but the entire thing wreaks of trap, getting him out was too easy, and I DO NOT trust the thing that still claims my brother serves him. He has something planned I just wish I knew what it was.

I also don’t believe for a second that the Nurse’s old “friends” will let it slide that she has chosen to travel with us. As she herself has described them as cruel I very much doubt that they are the forgiving types, their sort usually don’t need much prompting to attack folks like us anyway. I really don’t trust that her hime will allow her to leave without a fuss. From my experience, those with the most power are the most loath to surrender one drop of it.



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