Champions of the Sun

An Unclaimed Note 2

torn and scattered like sand on the wind

This past fortnight it has been encouraging to see how a diverse group of people can actually work together. How are they able to function as a cohesive whole while still judging each person according to their individual merits? So, this is what life can be like outside of the West. I wonder if that holds true elsewhere or if Lookshy is just that special? I want to see the world even more now and discover the answer for myself.

We are currently en route to an ancient city of the dragon kings to fulfill a mission for our newly met kindred sun. I confess to a great curiosity about her home city, some day I will go there and learn more about the Unconquered Sun as well as his chosen exalted of old. In the mean time I might tire her with all of the questions I would like to ask.

But first, the ancient city. A moonless sifu, lover of alliteration, informed us that it was recently taken over by fairfolk who have reactivated a shield around the city. So our first step will be getting in. Luckily, that cunning old sifu also told us of a way in and is sending a surly panther along with us to help with whatever may happen after getting into the city. Something violent, I’m guessing.

I finally found the courage to confess my secrets to the raiton. To be honest I suspected that he already knew more than he was letting on but I was unsure as to why he was keeping it to himself. There was nothing tying us together any more, my old self saw to that, but still he gave me the courage to open up to the rest of our circle too. I am relieved. I seriously underestimated each and every one of them. They won’t let me struggle through this on my own, and should the worst happen… well, I am confident that they will do what must be done.



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